First Ryder Cup Win in 8 Years for USA

After three straight losses, the United States defeated Europe to win the 2016 Ryder Cup with a final score of 17-11 on Sunday.

The PGA Tour’s official Twitter account showcased the excitement from the home team at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota:


The United States held a 9.5-6.5 lead after two days in the competition. The Americans got off to a 4-0 start in the Friday morning foursomes, and the Saturday afternoon four-ball pairings earned a 3-1 advantage for the home team.

Still, the competition always comes down to singles play, and this year was no different.

Patrick Reed won a showdown with Rory McIlroy in the first match of the session and Rickie Fowler used a late comeback to down Justin Rose at the 18th hole.

Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia combined for 19 birdies in their match, but they only halved.

Mickelson’s halved match and wins by Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka set up Ryan Moore to clinch the win on the 18th hole.

Moore tapped in for par on the 18th green to win his match over Lee Westwood and secure the Ryder Cup for the United States.

Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson rounded out the day with wins in two of the final three remaining matches to hand the United States a six-point victory at Hazeltine National Golf Club.


June Happenings

Hello Summer!

Heat is not the only thing going on this summer! Check out our June happenings and kick start your summer!

June 3
Open Play Day at Santa Barbara Golf Club (Santa Barbara)

June 5
USGA Handicap Certification Seminar at North Ranch (Westlake Village)

June 26
Member Leadership Workshop at Bernardo Heights (San Diego)

**Don’t forget the California Women’s Championship is right around the corner…


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May Events


Believe it or not May is here and in full throttle!

Below is a list of our May events! If you are not already signed up for one of these tournaments, we encourage you to visit our website and become a part of this thriving community of female golfers!

May 6-7 Div I Desert Event at Indian Wells, Monterey and La Quinta (Palm Desert area)

May 13-14 Div I Safari at Lake Arrowhead (Lake Arrowhead)

May 15 Sectional Qualifying for U.S. Women’s Open: Sectional Qualifying for the 2013 U.S. Women’s Open will be held on Wednesday, May 15th, at Oak Valley Golf Club in Beaumont. Click here for general information, tee times and pairings.  Information for the May 28th Sectional Qualifying at Industry Hills Golf Club will be posted on this site on May 8th.

May 18 Women’s Golf Council Tournament at Moreno Valley Ranch (Moreno Valley)

May 29 Member Leadership Workshop at Marbella (San Juan Capistrano

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October Updates

October Updates

It is October 3, can you believe it?!

A new month means a new calendar full of events, tournaments and most importantly, more golf!

Yesterday we wrapped up our two-day Master’s tournament, at Rio Hondo Golf Club (click here for full results). Despite the heat, the tournament proved to be an exciting affair as Friendly Hills’ own Kathy Kurata won the Gross Champion award in a sudden-death playoff against Christine Kang. Lorna Francis also won the Senior Championship!

Winner Kathy Kurata

Champion Winner Lorna Francis

Congratulations Kathy Kurata and Lorna Francis on a game well played!

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Upcoming October Tournaments

October 15: WSCGA Net Championship at Sunset Hills Country Club 

October 22: President’s Invitational at Bear Creek Golf Club 

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Monday Happenings

Happy Monday

Fall is (officially) in the air!

The sun is setting earlier but that doesn’t slow us down. We have had a busy weekend here at the WSCGA and are only getting busier!

As most of you know, on the 19th we had our Handicap Certification Seminar in Long Beach, which was a hit as always.

Last Thursday, September 20th, was our annual WSCGA Foundation Pro-Am in Newport (pictures to come).

And today, well today, marks the first day of our two-day Division 1 Safari Tournament at GC of  California. All of this excitment exits us out of a warm September and ushers us into an even busier (and hopefully cooler) October!

Stay tuned on Wednesday for pictures and updates on the tournament winner!

Announcing Women’s Online Golf

Women’s Online Golf 

We are proud to announce our new Women’s Online Golf website!

Women’s Online Golf contains all things women, and all things golf. In creating this site, our mission and goal has been one thing: to grow the game of golf for women of all ages. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing women with the resources necessary to grow their golf game and themselves. Our little corner of the internet is designed to foster a community for women of all ages and skill levels so that we can, indeed, grow the game of golf for women.

What you may find on our newly revamped site:

  • ·         Relevant articles pertaining to the game of golf
  • ·         Latest Equipment views
  • ·         Health and Fitness articles, recipes included
  • ·         The latest fashion trends on the green
  • ·         Technique videos
  • ·         And much, much more!

CLICK HERE to visit the new Women’s Online Golf site!

Wellness Wednesday: Golfing Tips

Golf Tips: Cure for a Pulled Golf Shot

This golf tip was adapted from Golfsmith and can be found at Golfsmith’s Golf Tips

First, what is a pull? A pull is a straight shot that travels left of where the golfer is aiming, which is a result of an incorrect swing. The pull happens to all of us at one time or another but the redeeming factor is that you can cure the pull by applying simple fundamentals to your golf swing.


The first fundamental is the connected. In a connected swing your triceps will rest lightly against your chest throughout most of the swing. Then your right arm will move slightly away at the top of the backswing and reconnects until the left arm moves away at the finish. Having a strong connection during your swing will help keep your arms from moving out at the beginning of the downswing, which can cause an out-to-in swing path.

How to apply the connection?

Golfsmith’s Mike Southern recommends the one-piece takeaway, “where the arms and shoulders bring the club back in unison.” A one-piece takeaway allows you to start your backswing on plane. The over-the-top swinger lifts his hands and then turns his shoulders–from there, the swinger has to push the club straight up to reach the top of the swing, arcing up and over his correct swing plane and causing a steep, out-to-in swing path that pulls the ball left.

Avoid Leaning Toward the Target

Some golfers tend to make the simple mistake of leaning toward the target. A golfer’s spine should lean toward the ball through their swing, meanings the left shoulder should be slightly higher than the right–never toward the target.

Golfer’s also make the mistake of lunging, this is because some players have trouble using their legs  and straighten their legs or lunge. Mike Southern suggests practicing with your backswing while keeping your right knee bent. Hold a ball between your knees and try to drop it by moving your left knee first on the downswing.

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Golf Etiquette 101

Golfing Etiquette 101 

A golf ball.

A golf ball. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every now and then we like to refresh our memory on some of golf’s most basic codes of conduct. While doing so we hope that we are, in turn, speaking to others who may be in need of some refreshing or who are new to the game.

Question: How long does a player have to take in golf?

The USGA Rules of Golf doesn’t specifically have a time limit in which a golfer must play a shot. However, the rule does make clear that slow play is discouraged. The rules also permit individual tournament committees to set more specific regulations to encourage a reasonable rate of play.

Undue Delay

Rule 6-7 states that a golfer must play a shot “without undue delay.” The same rule applies to players who’ve just completed a hole (other than the 18th), stating that they must proceed to the next tee to continue their round and not “unduly delay play.” Rule 6-7 also allows a tournament committee to set its own standards to discourage slow play. Pursuant to Note 2 to Rule 6-7, a committee’s regulations may limit the time in which a golfer must complete a round, a hole or a stroke. The penalty for violating Rule 6-7 is the loss of the hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play.

Near-Miss Putts

Rule 16-2 states that if any part of the ball overhangs the lip of the hole, the golfer is given “enough time to reach the hole,” then must play the ball within 10 seconds. Should the ball fall into the hole after the 10-second period, the player is assessed a 1-stroke penalty. If the ball remains on the edge of the cup without dropping into the hole, there is no penalty, even if the player waits more than 10 seconds to take his shot.

Other Delays

Even accidental delays in playing a shot may incur a penalty.

The USGA Decision 6-7/1 states that if a player preparing to putt discovers that the player left their putter at the tee area, then returns to retrieve the putter then that player will be penalized for undue delay. According to decision 6-7/2, a player is penalized for undue delay if the player searches for a lost ball for more than the five minutes permitted under rule 27-1.

This article was adapted from Golfsmith’s Golf Tips Website.

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The 2012 WGAC State Team Champ

This weekend kicks off the 2012 WGAC State Team Match against the North and South!

The North and South will gather together for their traditional match on July 28th and 29th to play for the highly coveted trophy. The two teams will compete for the trophy (and bragging rights) at the San Luis Obispo Country Club. The form of play will be a four-ball modified scotch and two-person scramble.

Last year the North ended the South’s seven year winning streak by claiming the title with an impressive win. This year, the south is determined to take back the trophy, while the North plans to continue their winning streak. Stay tuned next week for the winner or check our Facebook for live updates throughout the weekend.

The State title is the most coveted and is recognized throughout the United States and abroad. This tournament alternates between Northern and Southern California. When it is played in Northern California, it is under the direction of the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California; and when it is played in the South, it is under the auspices of the Women’s Southern California Golf Association. This year, it is being played in the North and will be ran under the direction of the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California.

*Also taking place this week is the WSCGA Division 1 City Team Championship. The City Team Championship will be played at the home team greens, Glendora Country Club and Los Coyotes Country Club.

Stay up to date with our tournaments by visiting our tournaments page.

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tournaments and a sneak peak at next years calendar!

6 Days and Counting…

Christmas Countdown

7 days…

We are seven days away till Christmas

Here is what we are up to:

Day 7: Today we would like to shed some light on those that make a difference in our organization.

Special Congratulations to…

2011 WSCGA Distinguished Service Award winner: Rene Rainey of Industry Hills Golf Club

Volunteer of the Year: Diane Wootton of Birnam Wood Golf Club

Golf Professional of the Year: Mark Saatzer of La Canada-Flintridge Country Club


Any other honorable mentions you’d like to mention as we wrap up this year?

 Stay tuned for our Wellness Wednesday: Day 5 of the Christmas Countdown!