First Ryder Cup Win in 8 Years for USA

After three straight losses, the United States defeated Europe to win the 2016 Ryder Cup with a final score of 17-11 on Sunday.

The PGA Tour’s official Twitter account showcased the excitement from the home team at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota:


The United States held a 9.5-6.5 lead after two days in the competition. The Americans got off to a 4-0 start in the Friday morning foursomes, and the Saturday afternoon four-ball pairings earned a 3-1 advantage for the home team.

Still, the competition always comes down to singles play, and this year was no different.

Patrick Reed won a showdown with Rory McIlroy in the first match of the session and Rickie Fowler used a late comeback to down Justin Rose at the 18th hole.

Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia combined for 19 birdies in their match, but they only halved.

Mickelson’s halved match and wins by Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka set up Ryan Moore to clinch the win on the 18th hole.

Moore tapped in for par on the 18th green to win his match over Lee Westwood and secure the Ryder Cup for the United States.

Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson rounded out the day with wins in two of the final three remaining matches to hand the United States a six-point victory at Hazeltine National Golf Club.


Congratulations to the 2013 City Team Play Champions!

The 2013 WSCGA City Team Play Champions were recently presented with their plaques. Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club won the Gross Championship and Sierra La Verne Country Club won the Net Championship. On behalf of the WSCGA Board of Directors and Staff, congratulations to both clubs!

Congratulations to the 2013 City Team Play Net Champions, Sierra La Verne Country Club. WSCGA Team Play began in 1927 and this is a first-time-ever win for Sierra La Verne!

The 2013 City Team Play Net Champions, Sierra La Verne Country Club. This is a first-time-ever win for Sierra La Verne!

Congratulations to the 2013 City Team Gross Champions, Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club. This is the second year in a row (and the second time in their history) that Coto de Caza has won the Championship.

The 2013 City Team Gross Champions, Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club. This is the second year in a row and the second time in their history that Coto de Caza has won the Championship.

Disc Golf

On a recent vacation to Incline Village,  Lori Baker, a USGA Boatwright Intern serving in the Handicap Department at the WSCGA office, had an opportunity to experience disc golf.

So what, pray tell, is disc golf? Disc golf is a flying disc game, as well as a precision and accuracy sport, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, founded in 1975 by ” Steady Ed” Headrick to officiate the standard rules of play, “The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc”.

The early history of disc golf is closely tied to the history of the recreational flying disc (especially as popularized by the trademarked Frisbee) and may have been invented in the early 1900s. The true pioneer of the sport of Frisbee Golf is Kevin Donnelly, who, while a Recreation Leader and then Recreation Supervisor for the City of Newport Beach, California, formulated and then began organizing Frisbee golf tournaments at nine of the city’s playgrounds he supervised. This culminated in 1965 with a fully documented, Wham-O sponsored, city-wide Frisbee Golf tournament. In 1967, two years after conducting the first-ever organized Frisbee Golf Tournament, Kevin, then the Coordinator of the Parks and Recreation Section at Fresno State College, California, organized and then taught the first ever college level Frisbee Golf activity course, in which George Sappenfield was registered.

In 1965, George Sappenfield, from Fresno California, was a recreation counselor during summer break from college. While playing golf one afternoon he realized that it might be fun for the kids on his playground if they played “golf” with frisbees. He set up an object course for his kids to play on. Other early courses were also of this type, using anything from lamp poles to fire hydrants as targets. When he finished college in 1968, Sappenfield became the Parks and Recreation Supervisor for Conejo Recreation and Park District in Thousand Oaks, California. George introduced the game to many adults by planning a disc golf tournament as part of a recreation project. He contacted Wham-O Manufacturing and asked them for help with the event. Wham-O supplied frisbees for throwing, and hula hoops for use as targets. However, it would not be until the early 1970s that courses began to crop up in various places in the Midwest and the East Coast (some perhaps through Sappenfield’s promotion efforts, others probably independently envisioned). Some of Sappenfield’s acquaintances are known to have brought the game to UC Berkeley. It quickly became popular on campus, with a permanent course laid out in 1970.

“Steady Ed” Headrick began thinking about the sport during his time at Wham-O toys. Headrick, who is now regarded as the “Father of Disc Golf”, designed and installed the first standardized target course in what was then known as Oak Grove Park in La Cañada Flintridge, California. (Today the park is known as Hahamongna Watershed Park). Headrick coined and trademarked the term “Disc Golf” when formalizing the sport and patented the Disc Pole Hole, the first disc golf target to incorporate chains and a basket on a pole. He started designing the target because he was tired of arguing over what counted as a scoring disc with his friends.

The number of disc golf courses doubled in the 8 years from 2000 to 2008, and the game is now played in about 40 countries around the world.

While the roots of the game are very casual and laid back, the newest generation of players is taking course design as well as the other elements of the game to a new level. Though early on targets were trees or fence posts in the woods, now courses are being cut out and under-utilized parts of parks, schools, and private land are being used to make some of the most challenging and strategic courses around. All courses share the same basic elements; targets, tee pads, signage, topography, and most important, safety.

The golf discs used today are much smaller and heavier than traditional flying discs, typically about 8 or 9 inches in diameter and weighing between 90 and 180 grams. The PDGA prohibits any disc to be heavier than 200 grams. Discs used for disc golf are designed and shaped for control, speed. There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers.

While there are more male than female players, the Women’s Disc Golf Association exists to encourage female players and arrange women’s tournaments. A PDGA survey states that out of its 11,302 members in 2006, 8% are female, or about 900. In PDGA competition, women have the option to play in gender-protected divisions. The women’s field has in fact grown rapidly in the past 5 years, as many Women’s Only tournaments grow in popularity around the world. There are many sites with tips to help encourage more women to play, including Innova Disc Golf.

Several companies have started programs to help attract women to the sport.; the “Go-to site for Women’s Disc Golf” and their associated Facebook group has dramatically increased the communication between women disc golfers. The PDGA Women’s Committee is “Dedicated to Attract, Encourage, and Retain Female Participation in Organized Disc Golf Events”. The PDGA Women’s Committee set historical records on May 12, 2012 by running the Inaugural Women’s Global Event that attracted 636 female players in 24 states and 4 countries. The Women’s Global Event will become a bi-annual event returning in 2014 with hopes of setting the bar even higher in the number of participants.

There are also Disc golf companies such as Disc-Diva, that have started up with a primary, though not exclusive, focus on women in the sport, promoting accessories geared towards women and using catch phrases like, “You wish you threw like a girl.” Sassy Pants is another group that focuses on getting more involvement from women in the sport, advocating for sponsorship of women to enter tournaments.

Women’s disc golf teams are even involved in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, and the Mississippi State Women’s Team were the very first champions.

For more information about disc golf, the rules of disc golf and disc golf courses visit these websites:

Or, for a more personal touch, give Lori a call in the WSCGA office at 909-592-1281 x200.

A disc resting in the basket

A disc resting in the basket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

January Happenings!

January Happenings!

It’s a new year, which means filling in that new calendar!

Most of our membership is aware that our 2013 Tournaments Calendar has been released for some time now. As you plan your month (and year), we thought we would make life a little easier for you and list our upcoming events as well as provide you with a handy pdf calendar.

Get your pens ready…

January 10-11: DIV I Executive Club Tournament at Chaparral and Sunrise (Palm Desert)

January 14-15: DIV II Senior Championship at Palm Desert Country Club (Palm Desert)

For a schedule of 2013 Tournaments, click here.

Keep up with the USGA Tournaments and Championships with their 2013 calendar.

What are you doing this month? Share below or on our Facebook page!

Christmas Count Down

We are one week out from the eve of Christmas, let the countdown begin!

Nothing says Christmas time like homemade Christmas cookies (and candies, of course!).  For all of you last minute shoppers (and avid cookie eaters and bakers), we have made a list of the perfect gifts that you can give without having to leave the comforts of your home. These delicious cookies make wonderful gifts for golf buddies, instructors, team mates, coaches and the like! Don’t forget to spread the Holiday cheer to all that are near!

santa cookie

  • Gingerbread Trees: Gingerbread cookies but with a nature twist on them. Pair them with the golf bag sugar cookies and you have a delicious treat for all the golf lovers in your life! Gingerbread Trees with Lemon Icing Recipe. 
  • Holiday Shortbread Cookies:  Everybody loves the traditional shortbread cookie. Try this buttery traditional recipe and add some colorful sugar for decoration (we are thinking blue and white for the WSCGA, no?). Click here for the Holiday Shortbread Cookie Recipe.


Last week was the 2012 WSCGA Annual Meeting, held at the Glendora Country Club! The meeting presents the 2013 slate as well as presents awards, delicious food and a wonderful time. Visit our Facebook to view more pictures of our award recipients, board members and more good fun!

Jody Nickel presenting Foundation Club Achievement Award to Birnam Wood Golf Club representatives, Diane Wootton and Maylo Harding — at Glendora Country Club.

Jody Nickel presenting Foundation Club Achievement Award to Birnam Wood Golf Club representatives, Diane Wootton and Maylo Harding — at Glendora Country Club.

Jody Nickel with guest speaker, Barbara Moxness
Jody Nickel with guest speaker, Barbara Moxness

Pro of the Year award presented to Nikki Gatch by WSCGA President, Jody Nickel — at Glendora Country Club.

Pro of the Year award presented to Nikki Gatch by WSCGA President, Jody Nickel — at Glendora Country Club.


The App. Guide for Every Golfer

As the Holidays are around the corner, the hope is that relaxation is just as close.

While you contemplate your time of leisure, think about other ways you can stay up to date without making all the effort. We have created a list of the latest golf apps that you will want for your smartphone (don’t have a smartphone? Good thing Christmas is just around the corner!).  Why, you may ask? Because we like giving you the latest and greated. While these apps aren’t specificallyfor golf, every golfer needs them.

Photo Editing

1. Snapseed ($4.99): Avid golfers and the less enthusiastic can all agree, that golf courses are beautiful; and let’s be honest, we all love grabbing a picture or two to capture the beauty of the course and to brag that you’ve played there. But even the most beautiful courses can be enhanced with a little editing. Snapseed is one of the latest and greated editing apps that will allow you to crop, straighten and adjust color, brightness and contrast. Iphone lovers love it!

2. Camera Plus (Free): The free version of Snapseed. If you don’t like paying for apps, your are in luck. Camera Plus is a free photo editing software that includes an adjusted timer, lighter and various filters. You can email photos or share via socialnetworks from the app, an added bonus.

Video Editing

1. 360 Panorama ($0.99): Most views on the golf course cannot fit within a singular photo and multiples just don’t do the course justice; but that is when the 360 panorama app comes in handy. The app is built to stitch frame together to build your panorama in real time and then share via e-mail or social networking.


Sticky Notes (Free): If you are like me, you are a big fan of the post-it note. However, in our day in age, I rarely carry around a purse full of post-it notes. Instead, I now carry around a phone full of sticky notes. Sticky notes are reminders that can be saved on your phone. When you create a note you can apply an alarm to it, and up will appear your sticky note. I’m thinking this will come in handy for gym reminders and swing practices.


Evernote (Free): Evernote is the ultimate life organizer. It helps keep track of everything possible, from photos to websites, and it stores it all in one program. This is ideal for the golfer on the go.  You can arrange a golf trip and store all the hotel reservations, flight information, photos and texts in one area. An organizers paradise!


Weather Underground (Free): This weather app is a golfers best friend because it tells you three things: temperature, wind and the chances of rain. Weather underground provides a 12-day forecast and an hour by hour fashion.


Runkeeper (Free): Probably the coolest of all exercise apps out there. Excercise should be an integral part of every golfer’s life. RunKeeper tracks your progress of any outdoor workout, and lets you know where you are, how fast you are going and how many calories you burned. The app also keeps record of your progress so you can monitor how well you are doing!

Have any beloved apps that you would like to share? Comment below or share on our Facebook

Going Green, On Course

Is your course enviornmentally and economically sound?

The USGA recently posted an article that provides players and managers with resources to check if their local golf courses are using environmental and economic sustainability practices. The USGA Green Section staff and USGA-funded research has produced a question and answer section that can be found here.

Environmental sustainability is impacted by water and wildlife issues, according to the USGA, whereas, economic sustainability is impacted by the cost of maintenance. The difficulties most facilities face are the unrealistic expectations about course conditioning. The USGA has provided a list of questions and resources that help facilities adjust their courses to comply with the appropriate sustainability practices and without losing the integrity of the game. Help grow the game of golf by going green on the course, and by promoting environmental sustainability practices!


*SPECIAL NOTE: Our thoughts go out to our friends at the USGA and anyone that may be affected by Hurricane Storm Sandy. Please stay safe!


October Updates

October Updates

It is October 3, can you believe it?!

A new month means a new calendar full of events, tournaments and most importantly, more golf!

Yesterday we wrapped up our two-day Master’s tournament, at Rio Hondo Golf Club (click here for full results). Despite the heat, the tournament proved to be an exciting affair as Friendly Hills’ own Kathy Kurata won the Gross Champion award in a sudden-death playoff against Christine Kang. Lorna Francis also won the Senior Championship!

Winner Kathy Kurata

Champion Winner Lorna Francis

Congratulations Kathy Kurata and Lorna Francis on a game well played!

To see pictures of the Master’s Tournament, visit our official Facebook page!

Upcoming October Tournaments

October 15: WSCGA Net Championship at Sunset Hills Country Club 

October 22: President’s Invitational at Bear Creek Golf Club 

To view pictures of our September tournaments, make sure you visit our Facebook page!

Monday Happenings

Happy Monday

Fall is (officially) in the air!

The sun is setting earlier but that doesn’t slow us down. We have had a busy weekend here at the WSCGA and are only getting busier!

As most of you know, on the 19th we had our Handicap Certification Seminar in Long Beach, which was a hit as always.

Last Thursday, September 20th, was our annual WSCGA Foundation Pro-Am in Newport (pictures to come).

And today, well today, marks the first day of our two-day Division 1 Safari Tournament at GC of  California. All of this excitment exits us out of a warm September and ushers us into an even busier (and hopefully cooler) October!

Stay tuned on Wednesday for pictures and updates on the tournament winner!

Announcing Women’s Online Golf

Women’s Online Golf 

We are proud to announce our new Women’s Online Golf website!

Women’s Online Golf contains all things women, and all things golf. In creating this site, our mission and goal has been one thing: to grow the game of golf for women of all ages. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing women with the resources necessary to grow their golf game and themselves. Our little corner of the internet is designed to foster a community for women of all ages and skill levels so that we can, indeed, grow the game of golf for women.

What you may find on our newly revamped site:

  • ·         Relevant articles pertaining to the game of golf
  • ·         Latest Equipment views
  • ·         Health and Fitness articles, recipes included
  • ·         The latest fashion trends on the green
  • ·         Technique videos
  • ·         And much, much more!

CLICK HERE to visit the new Women’s Online Golf site!