Wellness Wednesday: Golfing Tips

Golf Tips: Cure for a Pulled Golf Shot

This golf tip was adapted from Golfsmith and can be found at Golfsmith’s Golf Tips

First, what is a pull? A pull is a straight shot that travels left of where the golfer is aiming, which is a result of an incorrect swing. The pull happens to all of us at one time or another but the redeeming factor is that you can cure the pull by applying simple fundamentals to your golf swing.


The first fundamental is the connected. In a connected swing your triceps will rest lightly against your chest throughout most of the swing. Then your right arm will move slightly away at the top of the backswing and reconnects until the left arm moves away at the finish. Having a strong connection during your swing will help keep your arms from moving out at the beginning of the downswing, which can cause an out-to-in swing path.

How to apply the connection?

Golfsmith’s Mike Southern recommends the one-piece takeaway, “where the arms and shoulders bring the club back in unison.” A one-piece takeaway allows you to start your backswing on plane. The over-the-top swinger lifts his hands and then turns his shoulders–from there, the swinger has to push the club straight up to reach the top of the swing, arcing up and over his correct swing plane and causing a steep, out-to-in swing path that pulls the ball left.

Avoid Leaning Toward the Target

Some golfers tend to make the simple mistake of leaning toward the target. A golfer’s spine should lean toward the ball through their swing, meanings the left shoulder should be slightly higher than the right–never toward the target.

Golfer’s also make the mistake of lunging, this is because some players have trouble using their legs  and straighten their legs or lunge. Mike Southern suggests practicing with your backswing while keeping your right knee bent. Hold a ball between your knees and try to drop it by moving your left knee first on the downswing.

Did this golf tip help? Do you have a tip to share? Share it with us below!


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