Tips for Warming Up Before Teeing Off


Typically, golfers tend to have their own fitness routine before setting up for the first tee. Some warm up with a couple practice swings, while others do brief arm or leg stretches that barely heat up the muscles.

We’re all guilty of the one minute warm-up routine, but it’s important to remember that warm-ups and stretches are essential to helping you play your best and avoid injuries. So, before you step foot on the green, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the course ahead.

To help you get your muscles moving, your mind focused, and your short game perfected, here are a few easy-to-follow warm-up and exercises tips to help you prepare for your best golf game yet.


Begin by simple relaxing and unwinding, although golf is a great exercise that reduces stress and tension in the body you need to relax and refocus your thoughts away from the day. Whether you’re sitting in the locker room or in your car before the first round begins, give yourself at least 10-15 minutes to unwind from the day. Meditation is great for golf preparation. It allows your mind to settle down and helps you release muscle tension.

Try to arrive at the course early to ensure you’re not rushing. The more time you give yourself to mentally prepare, the better you’ll play.



After you settle down mentally, make sure you don’t forget to how crucial stretching is in order to ensuring peak performance. It provides you with more flexibility, a wider range of motion, and decreases your chances of injury from pulled muscles.

Click here to try some of these quick and easy stretches to get your arms and legs moving.


Now that you’ve stretched your body and you’re feeling more limber, it’s time to head over to the putting green for—you guessed it—more warm-ups.

Putting comprises over 40 percent of golf, and the putting stroke, itself, is the slowest and most precise of all strokes in the game. By spending time warming up on the green first, you’ll prepare for the speed of the greens and also start the day with a smooth, deliberate tempo.

Try to spend the first five minutes putting to a tee or a coin from twenty feet away. Then increase to thirty feet, then forty feet—using a variety of angles. After this warm up, spend another five minutes or so rolling putts to a tee or coin from ten feet away, then move closer to three feet. Finally, spend a few minutes hitting 6-12 inch putts. This warm up should only take you about 15-20 minutes to complete, but it’s well worth the effort, and you’ll quickly see how well your short game improves.


Now that you’ve mastered your short game, take 10-15 minutes to practice teeing off with your driver. This is always a fun warm up and helps you lengthen your range of motion.


Finally, remember that the best way to practice your warm-ups is with a positive attitude. Be thankful you have the opportunity to golf, and remind yourself to have fun regardless of how you shoot. A positive attitude goes a long way in this sport, and it will encourage your fellow golfers to do the same.


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