5 facts about golf’s resource consumption

Landscape_golf1. Superintendents at 18-hole golf facilities utilize numerous methods to conserve water, with the top three tactics being the use of wetting agents (92 percent), hand watering (78 percent), and keeping turf drier than in the past.

2. Grass clippings are recycled by spreading them along the rough and around trees. Composting the clippings is also frequently used. Compost is an excellent growing medium that promotes fast germination and can reduce fertilizer use. Recycling grass clippings provides valuable nutrients that improve the soil.

light3. Seventy-one percent of 18-hole golf facilities have incorporated one or more design, physical or mechanical changes to conserve energy, such as programmable thermostats, low-level faucets, irrigation controller updates and T-8 lighting.

recycling-center-sign-s-76964. Golf facilities are highly active in recycling/reusing items in the golf course operations waste stream. For example, 92 percent of facilities that have oils in their waste stream recycle or reuse them. Other recycle/reuse rates include
equipment/golf car batteries (93 percent), hydraulic fluids (89 percent), fryer/cooking grease (89 percent), pallets (79 percent), tires (77 percent) and aluminum (76 percent).

homerecycling5. Surveys show that 29 percent of 18-hole facilities in the U.S. participate in voluntary environmental stewardship programs. In the Pacific Northwest, that number is 53 percent of facilities.


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