100 Reasons why Women Love to Play This Game

woman-golferHere’s our list of the 100 reasons why women play golf. Perhaps you have your own to add, leave us a comment bellow or tell us which were your top favorite!

  1. Physical exercise
  2. Develop integrity
  3. To post a score better than the week before
  4. Make new friends
  5. Nothing beats the feeling of a well struck shot
  6. Feeling of accomplishment
  7. Create a new identity for yourself
  8. Chance to invest in some great accessories
  9. Meet potential clients
  10. To find something good in every round played
  11. To see the ‘real’ side of your new boyfriend
  12. Laugh with friends over ‘interesting’ shots
  13. Learn how to calm your nerves
  14. Enjoy the plants, flowers, and trees
  15. Appreciate a sport that has been around for over 400 years
  16. Spend time with your husband
  17. Learn how to deal with frustration and disappointment
  18. Teach your kids etiquette
  19. Foster your patience
  20. Get away from the stress of life
  21. Focus on something challenging
  22. Travel to a new part of town
  23. Learn a new sport
  24. Feel a sense of belonging
  25. Learn how to stay positive when things go poorly
  26. Try lot’s of cool gadgets
  27. Participate when small talk turns to golf
  28. Meet the man of your dreams
  29. Build a new wardrobe
  30. Learn not take yourself so seriously
  31. One of the few places you can drink and drive
  32. Develop some muscle and improve flexibility
  33. The rush of being ‘in the zone’
  34. Discover new shops and restaurants at different golf clubs
  35. Another activity to do on vacation
  36. To learn about someone you’d like to hire
  37. Wear the logo of courses you’ve played
  38. To impress the men with a really nice drive
  39. Learn how to gamble
  40. A reason to buy more shoes
  41. Learn the rules of golf
  42. Learn when to play it safe and when to take risks
  43. Practice thinking strategically
  44. To play within your own game and achieve your personal best
  45. Entertain your clients
  46. Buy a foursome and contribute to charity
  47. Hang around with classy people
  48. Help others learn the game
  49. Create opportunities for youth
  50. Spend quality time with your parents
  51. Have some solitary time on the practice range
  52. Try something new and different
  53. Go back to something you gave up when you had young children
  54. Learn to visualization
  55. Practice letting go of the past
  56. The eternal hope of making a hole-in-one
  57. Add new golf jokes to your repertoire
  58. Practice positive self-talk
  59. Learn how to develop mental strategies and think under pressure
  60. Spend time with the family doing something active
  61. Play in a Pro Am
  62. Appreciate the wind and the rain
  63. Learn how to commit to decisions and accept the results
  64. Be part of a team
  65. To break into the old boys club
  66. To start a new girls club
  67. Learn how to break through self-improvement barriers
  68. Have a motivation to stay in shape
  69. Play in your annual company golf outing
  70. Develop concentration
  71. Experience excitement when you sink a 20 foot putt
  72. Get used to public performance – on the first tee
  73. Learn anger management
  74. Know the difference between a bogie and a birdie
  75. Practice goal setting
  76. Walk 18 holes for exercise
  77. Watch your ball fly over the water and land on the green
  78. Master your body movements
  79. To develop a routine and stick to it
  80. Compete in a tournament and win really great prizes
  81. Be outdoors and commune with nature
  82. Establish a handicap and watch it improve
  83. To start a hobby you can do for the rest of your life
  84. Volunteer at  a golf tournament
  85. Learn various formats of competition
  86. Achieve balance in life
  87. Reciprocate a favor
  88. Take some fun photos
  89. Open up new career opportunities
  90. Experience winning
  91. An alternative to book club and bunko as an all girl activity
  92. Experience the joy of blasting out of sand
  93. Improve your posture
  94. Understand the lure of watching golf on TV
  95. Overcome your fear of failure
  96. Learn how to judge distance
  97. Keep your mind in the present
  98. Learn how to focus on a target
  99. Learn to accept what you get – bad lies and bounces – and give your best no matter what
  100. For fun and enjoyment!

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