Golf Course Snacks

The 10 Worst Things to Eat or Drink on the Golf Course

Here’s a list of common foods you should avoid during your round of golf.

  1. Hot Dogs – High in sodium and saturated fat
  2. Sports Drinks – High in sodium, chemicals and sugar
  3. Most Nutrition Bars – Loaded with sugar and chemical additives
  4. Granola Bars – Contains over 12 grams of sugar
  5. Pretzels – Enriched flour product
  6. French Fries – Saturated fat and high salt content
  7. Beer – A sedative, a diuretic and can impair coordination
  8. Bagel Breakfast Sandwich – Simply, the bagel
  9. Bowl of Cereal – Refined carbohydrates
  10. Soda/Fruit Juice – Artificial sweeteners

What to have instead (alternatives).

  1. Natural beef jerky or a bowl of chili
  2. Drink water and eat a banana
  3. Peanut butter on whole wheat bread or an apple
  4. A bag of nuts, sunflower seeds and chopped fruit (not dried)
  5. Carrot sticks
  6. Small side salad
  7. Drink water (beer for after the round)
  8. Simply eggs
  9. Greek yogurt, and egg and some grapes
  10. If you want some fizz, go with sparkling water or low sodium club soda

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