The North-South State Team Championship

State Team 2013The Women’s Golf Association of California (WGAC), comprised of the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California and the Women’s Southern California Golf Association, will host the 2014 North-South State Team Championship at San Luis Obispo Country Club on Sunday, July 27th, with tee times beginning at 11:30 a.m.

The Team Matches began approximately 30 years ago as a precursor to the WGAC State Championship, a five day match play event held alternately on North and South member courses and hosted by the corresponding Association.

As participation in the State Championship itself dwindled over the years, the two hosting organizations felt it was no longer feasible to hold the tournament, but there was an interest in preserving the Team Matches. After a two-year hiatus in 2008 and 2009, WGANC and WSCGA voted to reinstate the North-South team matches and renamed the event the State Team Championship.

The configuration for the matches has remained relatively consistent over the years; six players from the North (WGANC) and six players from the South (WSCGA) are selected on the basis of criteria from each Association. There are three matches with two players from each Association forming a side against two players from the opposing Association. Players on Teams 1 and 2 are arranged by index. Two of the six players must be seniors and play in the third match regardless of handicap index.

The format for the matches is four ball on holes 1-6, modified scotch on hole 7-12 and two-person scramble on holes 13-18. A point is awarded to the team winning each format and also for the most hole points over the 18 holes. Twelve points are available overall.

Each match is closely followed by assigned WGANC and WSCGA Directors/Staff who are responsible for officiating and for the official scoring.

While the archives do not go back the entire 30 years, a perpetual trophy was associated with the matches beginning in 1998. Since that time the North has won five times and the South has won nine times.

Defending the title for the South in 2014 will be:

Joan Higgins – Glendora Country Club

Colette Rosenberg – Riviera Country Club

Kathy Kurata – Friendly Hills Country Club

Leslie Wilk – Las Posas Country Club

Robyn Puckett – Shady Canyon Country Club

Angela Collins – Oakmont Country Club

Corey Weworski – La Costa Country Club (Team Captain & Alternate)

Gallery is welcome and encouraged to attend Sunday, July 27th, San Luis Obispo Country Club beginning at 11:30 a.m.

WSCGA hopes to see you out there rooting for the South team!




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