All About Lizette Salas

From making headlines to doing good… Lizette Salas is doing it all.

The LPGA highlighted Lizette and her many accomplishments this week in their blog titled, “This week is all about… Lizette Salas”

From biographical articles to videos reflecting her success, the LPGA has become a hosting ground for it all.  Want to know about the southern California girl that is taking it all? Check out the LPGA Blog for all the headlining news!

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lizette Salas

  • Lizette’s family plays a big role in her life. Her father, who is a mechanic at Azusa Golf Course, helped get her involved in golf. Now her practice partners when she’s at home are her niece and nephews – Joseph, 13; Natalie, 12; and Derek, 10.
  •     One of her favorite hobbies is Zumba, and she takes part in the dance class 2-3 times per week. It’s actually helped her golf game because it’s improved her flexibility.
  •     She’s a big Lakers fan and a diehard fan of her alma mater, the University of Southern California. Her whole room at home is decked out in red and gold.
  •     Lizette describes herself as a kid at heart. She said that if she had one day to do anything, she’d spend it at Disneyland with her family.
  •     Lizette’s only non-golf related job was filing papers at the MRI center where her sister works. She lasted only one day and her sister still makes fun of her for it.

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