Rhonda Glenn Retires at 67


John Mummert/U.S.G.A.

Rhonda Glenn, right, at a U.S.G.A. meeting. Glenn, who wrote “The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf,” retired last week.

At these tournaments, I’d see these women chasing their dreams, and there was a certain nobility to that,” Glenn said. “That’s when I decided to become a journalist, because I didn’t want their stories to be lost.”       

Rhonda Glenn, author of “The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf,” retired at the age of 67 last week nearly after 50 years as a journalist. Glenn, who is considered by most to be a writer-historian, literally wrote the book on women’s golf and became an advocate for the sport.

“It’s hard to get a feeling about the players without writers or to know the game without writers,” said Judy Bell, the first woman to be president of the U.S.G.A. “Rhonda has given women’s golf a written perspective we didn’t have and a consistent voice because she made it a priority.”       

‘Glenn also wrote Bell’s biography, “Breaking the Mold,” in 2002. It documented Bell’s life as a leader in women’s amateur golf, in business and as head of golf’s most powerful body in America.’  To learn more about Glenn’s legendary impact on the game of golf for women, click here to read the full New York Times article.


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