Perfecting Your Stroke

Photo Courtesy of Golf Digest Woman

Photo Courtesy of Golf Digest Woman

As the weather warms up and you inevitably spend more time on the course, we will be prompting you with some extra golf tips to help your golf game this season starting with perfecting your stroke.

One area where most amateurs can easily shave strokes is on the green. Making a backswing that is a  little longer will eliminate the need for a quick forward stroke. Ideally, you  want the same tempo back and through.

A drill that I like to do every day can go a long way to help you make a more  consistent stroke. Set up to a 10-footer like you normally would, then place a  tee just outside the toe of your putter. Going straight back from this tee,  place another tee where your backstroke would end if you made a smooth,  unhurried stroke. (Hint: It’s probably longer than you think.)

Work on swinging the putterhead from that first tee back to the second, then  let it release through the ball. You should feel no change in grip pressure,  because your stroke just flows back and through. You’ll put a better roll on the  ball and bury more of these must-make putts. For more golf tips, go to Golf Digest Woman.


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