National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month!


Even though March is half way done, it is never too late to start living healthy! On behalf of national nutrition month, we have drummed up a few tips for healthy eating on the run. That is right–being busy is no longer an excuse. Today, the average American eats over half of their daily calories away from home.  Here are our tips to help gain an advantage in healthy eating…

1. Read Nutrition guides: Fast food restaurants may be cheaper but they are not the healthiest places to eat. If you are an avid restaurant enthusiast, compare restaurant nutrition guides and eat at places with the healthiest menu choices.

2. Portion Control: Eating out? Opt for the kid’s menu for smaller portions or cut the adult meal in half–eat one half now and take the other home for another meal.

3. Pay Attention: Pay attention to what you are putting into your body.  If you are looking to lower your calorie intake, avoid fried, battered, creamy or scalloped food items. Instead, go for the grilled, baked or broiled items for dinner.

4. Plan Ahead: Probably the most important tip. The best way to eat healthier is to plan ahead. Pack your food for the day the night before OR if you are really running low on time, prepare all  your meals for the week the Sunday before.

5. Drink water: Sodas and sports drinks (and even most coffee drinks!) are a huge source of hidden calories. Choose a glass of water for your meals, and save the sugary stuff for special occassions!

Eating healthy is obtainable! Do you have any special tips to share?


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