Happy Spring

Spring is Here!

Today marks the first day of Spring! While some parts of the country are still fighting the bitter cold and snow storms, the warm weather is hitting us just right in sunny southern California. Earlier this week we put out a list of Spring’s Must-Haves, and today we are releasing our list of top things to do this season, check it out!

1. Join an open play day at your local club. Even though California has nearly perfect weather year round, Spring is the perfect season to start the weekly play-days with your friends at your local club.

  • Looking for a play day to join? On March 25th there is an open play day at Sierra Lakes in Fontana. For more information, visit our WSCGA website.

2. Shop at your local Farmer’s market. Farmer Market’s in California are typically year round, boasting with local and seasonal fresh produce. Try new recipes with seasonal produce from your local farmers market.

  • Take a picture of your new recipe and share it with us on our Facebook!

3. Get certified. Join a membership leadership event or a handicap certification event with the WSCGA this spring! Visit our WSCGA homepage for more information about these dynamic and informative classes.

4. Give back. Whether it be through a charity golf tournament or donating an old pair of clubs to a boys and girls club, do good this spring season by giving back to your community. Need a head start, click here for boys and girls clubs around southern California.

5.  Try something new. Whether it be a more difficult course or a new club, set a goal and push the limits to reaching that goal.

  • Once you tried that something new, we give you full bragging rights. Share with us your something new on our Facebook page!


What are your plans for this Spring?


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