Pinterest: It’s a Women’s (Golf) World!


Happy Monday!

We have been busy at work with our latest project and are happy to share it! We are happy to announce our Women’s Online Golf Pinterest account. Many of you are aware of Pinterest, and let’s be honest, you are totally obsessed with it (it’s ok—so are we!). For those that are not aware of what Pinterest is, let me explain the wonder of this new social board.

Pinterest is a visual social sharing site that has quickly become one of the top social networking outlets. Pinning is what people do on Pinterest; they repin “Pins” that they find interesting or useful ranging from work-out tips to healthy recipes and from do-it-yourself projects to travel ideas. However, Pinterest isn’t just for avid food bloggers and work-out junkies, large corporations are taking to Pinterest to help market their product or grow their business, as certain pins link directly back to their site.

Like the many organizations that wish to grow their companies, golf is no different, especially for women. It is no secret that golf is still a male-dominated sport. However, quite the opposite is true for Pinterest with nearly 80 percent of pinners being women. Many golf boards are created by women and used to promote women’s golf and other trends within the industry, from the latest golf fashion and equipment to delicious golf desserts and helpful workout plans. Pinterest has been an incredible outlet for women to outwardly share their passion for the game, to organize their thoughts and ideas and to engage those that are not familiar with the game.

Women’s Online Golf is a website that is all about promoting women’s golf to all ages, and we believe that Pinterest will help us reach even more. Check out our boards on Pinterest today! You will also see articles from Women’s Online Golf on our Pinterest boards and posts from the WSCGA blog!


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