5 Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

February is heart health month, so we have sought out 5 heart healthy exercise tips to keep you healthy and out on the course.

According to Jennifer Mieres, M.D. at the American Heart Association, in order to get heart-healthy benefits individuals must get their heart rate up. Daily physical activity is the best way to get your heart rate up but it is easy to feel the benefits when you adhere to an exercise plan, whether it be at home, work or at play.

5 Tips to help you start a heart healthy exercise plan

1.30 minutes of aerobic exercises a day help increase your heart rate. Alternative exercise can be going on a short walk during your lunch break or walking/jogging the treadmill.

2.Moderate-intensity exercises such as swimming, jogging, Pilates and yoga are also good exercises to keep your heart rate up and to strengthen your body. These exercises can be done at home with a video or right outside your front door.

3.For those that simply “don’t have time” exercise is still possible. Simple exercises such as taking the stairs, parking your car further or mowing the lawn get your heart rate up by simply moving. While you may not be building muscle, some physical activity is better than no physical activity.

4.For those that are already active, doing a vigorous aerobic routine for three days a week for 20 minutes helps keep the heart rate up and healthy.

5.Strength training is just as important to cardio exercises (aerobic exercise); and it also helps to prevent bone and muscle-mass loss. While strength training does not directly increase your heart rate it does increase your stamina, which you need in order to do the intense aerobic exercises.

*With any exercise program, it is good to start slowly and then work your way up to the heavier and more intense routines. Also, be sure to check with your doctor if you are at risk and follow the advice of qualified professionals.

* See Heart Healthy – Exercise Tips for busy people for more ideas!


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