Fashion Forward: Sport Haley

Sport Haley

A few weeks ago we posted an article about the versatile and (now) fashionable sweater. However, we noticed that many of our brand selections were big name brands (that everyone knows and loves) and didn’t mention the brands that are close within the amateur circle and beyond. These brands not only have an unfettered passion for all things golf and fashion but their pieces exude the versatility of women, golf and fashion.
The Sport Haley fashion line is one of those get-all brands that has taken casual golf attire and has transformed them into fashionable statement pieces. Sport Haley caters to every woman’s style preference with her various collections (Sport Haley Cosmos, Malibu, etc.). However, one commonality that can be found throughout her collections are the bold statement prints. The fashion forward brand is known for its bold prints but does not over do it. The prints are fun, trendy and always paired with chic pastel pieces. Another added bonus is that all the pieces are functional. As a female athlete that is always on the go, having functional and breathable clothing is important and Sport Haley’s various collections demonstrate that understanding. So, no matter your style preference, Sport Haley has a collection for every woman (golfer’s and non-golfers alike)!

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