Take-Away Drill

Take-Away Drill

A dear friend of the family, the late Frank Pastore, was a professional baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds who later became a radio talk show host. Frank was always looking at the bigger picture, while posing both comical and philosophically deep questions. No matter the topic, Frank would always ask the question at the end of every segment, “What’s the take away?”

While Frank posed this question to athletes and professors alike, this question can be posed in the game of golf, “what is the take away?” In our case, it’s our golf swing. Here is an easy take away drill that will help you maintain (or get you to) a good tempo in your golf swing.

The first few feet of your take-away should be the slowest part of your swing. Many golfers jerk the club back too quickly, which leaves a poor tempo through the backswing and ultimately back to the ball.

To set up a good take-away, perform the following steps:

1.You will want to set up your tee (golf ball in place) with a long iron.
2.Now place another golf ball directly behind the club head.
3.Take your normal backswing but notice how far back that second ball rolls. Note: It should only roll a few feet.
4.If the ball catches air or jumps back more than a few feet, you have started your backswing too quickly. The goal is to get a slow and smooth start to your backswing. Once you have accomplished this slow and smooth backswing then you will see positive results throughout your swing, especially at impact.

After practicing a few times, step back and ask yourself, “what is the take away?”


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