Attainable Resolutions

Happy New Year from the WSCGA

We hope that your Holiday season was filled with joy and relaxation!

The start of a new year, for many, is a time of starting over or filled new resolutions. While New Year’s resolutions have become the butt of many jokes, there is no reason that this can be the year that you reach your goals.

Whether you are starting over or set to accomplish that one resolution you may have, the first step to starting your year off right is by setting attainable goals and then creating a game plan.  As athletes, it goes against our nature to jump into a game without a strategy or game plan. So, why would other areas of your life be any different?

We all know that somewhere on your list of resolution the words “be healthier” or “exercise more often” are there, whether they are listed as number 1 or number 15. Well, since it is Wellness Wednesday we thought we would help you out with those health and wellness resolutions that may be bolded on your list:


“Eat Healthier”

Solution: This healthy eating solution, is called the “food lovers cleanse” by Bone Appetite Magazine. The magazine went above and beyond by creating a healthy shopping list for the two weeks, two weeks of downloadable recipes and a downloadable food cleanse calendar.


“Exercise more”
Solution: When it comes to working out, your biggest challenge is showing up. Getting there is the hardest part, whether it be the gym or outside your front door. Showing up is always the hardest part in any workout regimine.  Jillian Michaels has made it easierfor those of us that struggle to make it outside the door and has brought home the workout. Michael’s workouts are for anyone at any stage and at any weight and only last thirty to forty minutes. Our favorites include: 30-day shred, Total Yoga Meltdown and 6 Week Six-Pack. 
What attainable goals have you set and what is your game plan? Share with us below!

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