The App. Guide for Every Golfer

As the Holidays are around the corner, the hope is that relaxation is just as close.

While you contemplate your time of leisure, think about other ways you can stay up to date without making all the effort. We have created a list of the latest golf apps that you will want for your smartphone (don’t have a smartphone? Good thing Christmas is just around the corner!).  Why, you may ask? Because we like giving you the latest and greated. While these apps aren’t specificallyfor golf, every golfer needs them.

Photo Editing

1. Snapseed ($4.99): Avid golfers and the less enthusiastic can all agree, that golf courses are beautiful; and let’s be honest, we all love grabbing a picture or two to capture the beauty of the course and to brag that you’ve played there. But even the most beautiful courses can be enhanced with a little editing. Snapseed is one of the latest and greated editing apps that will allow you to crop, straighten and adjust color, brightness and contrast. Iphone lovers love it!

2. Camera Plus (Free): The free version of Snapseed. If you don’t like paying for apps, your are in luck. Camera Plus is a free photo editing software that includes an adjusted timer, lighter and various filters. You can email photos or share via socialnetworks from the app, an added bonus.

Video Editing

1. 360 Panorama ($0.99): Most views on the golf course cannot fit within a singular photo and multiples just don’t do the course justice; but that is when the 360 panorama app comes in handy. The app is built to stitch frame together to build your panorama in real time and then share via e-mail or social networking.


Sticky Notes (Free): If you are like me, you are a big fan of the post-it note. However, in our day in age, I rarely carry around a purse full of post-it notes. Instead, I now carry around a phone full of sticky notes. Sticky notes are reminders that can be saved on your phone. When you create a note you can apply an alarm to it, and up will appear your sticky note. I’m thinking this will come in handy for gym reminders and swing practices.


Evernote (Free): Evernote is the ultimate life organizer. It helps keep track of everything possible, from photos to websites, and it stores it all in one program. This is ideal for the golfer on the go.  You can arrange a golf trip and store all the hotel reservations, flight information, photos and texts in one area. An organizers paradise!


Weather Underground (Free): This weather app is a golfers best friend because it tells you three things: temperature, wind and the chances of rain. Weather underground provides a 12-day forecast and an hour by hour fashion.


Runkeeper (Free): Probably the coolest of all exercise apps out there. Excercise should be an integral part of every golfer’s life. RunKeeper tracks your progress of any outdoor workout, and lets you know where you are, how fast you are going and how many calories you burned. The app also keeps record of your progress so you can monitor how well you are doing!

Have any beloved apps that you would like to share? Comment below or share on our Facebook


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