Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Thanksgiving

Healthy Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (can you believe it?), and before you know it everyone will be consuming more calories in one sitting then they do in a whole week! Then soon after, everyone will sit back in their chairs, enjoy family traditions while sitting in turkey coma.

This Thanksgiving, beat the turkey coma while still enjoying the tasty treats.

Dr. Lisa Young shared 7 tips for a healthy thanksgiving on The Huffinton Posts Healthy Living Blog.

1. Watch your portion sizes. Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies. Enjoy your favorite holiday treat but take a small portion.

Dr. Young shares a few visuals taken from her book The Portion Teller Plan,  to help you eyeball a proper serving size. Dr. Young reassures that if you stick to these visual portions, you won’t be overdoing it ths holiday.

• A deck of cards’ worth of turkey is around 3 ounces.

• A golf ball size of gravy is about ¼ cup.
• A golf ball size of cranberry sauce is about ¼ cup.
• A ½ baseball worth of stuffing is around ½ cup.
• A ½ baseball worth of sweet potato is around ½ cup.
• A shot glass worth of salad dressing is around 2 tablespoons.
• It’s okay to enjoy an unlimited portion of nonstarchy vegetables.
• Drink lots of water, too!

2. Think maintenance. Don’t try to diet during the holidays. Try to maintain your current weight. At the very least, now is not a time to begin a diet.

3. Eat before you eat. Enjoy a healthy snack — yogurt, fruit, veggie soup, salad — before a party.

4. Be mindful and make only one trip to the buffet table. Look at all your options before making your final food choices; make sure all the calories you consume are worth it. Choose only the foods you really want and keep your portions moderate.

5. Eat slowly and chew your food well.

6. Exercise. Stick to your exercise routine. If your gym is closed, enjoy a brisk walk with family and friends (or a lovely round of golf!).

7. Ladies, wear tight-fitting clothes. Men, be sure to keep your belt buckle snug. This will help prevent you from overeating.

Have a healthy holiday! 


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