Going Green, On Course

Is your course enviornmentally and economically sound?

The USGA recently posted an article that provides players and managers with resources to check if their local golf courses are using environmental and economic sustainability practices. The USGA Green Section staff and USGA-funded research has produced a question and answer section that can be found here.

Environmental sustainability is impacted by water and wildlife issues, according to the USGA, whereas, economic sustainability is impacted by the cost of maintenance. The difficulties most facilities face are the unrealistic expectations about course conditioning. The USGA has provided a list of questions and resources that help facilities adjust their courses to comply with the appropriate sustainability practices and without losing the integrity of the game. Help grow the game of golf by going green on the course, and by promoting environmental sustainability practices!


*SPECIAL NOTE: Our thoughts go out to our friends at the USGA and anyone that may be affected by Hurricane Storm Sandy. Please stay safe!



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