Wellness Wednesday: Go Vegetarian for a Day

Wellness Wednesday:

Go Vegetarian for a Day

Cooler weather brings a myriad of things. While the fall foliage is beautiful to admire and the cold weather is much appreciated (especially those living inland in SoCal), cooler weather can also mean an abundance of comfort food and unwanted weight gain. With the mix of healthy eating and remaining active, you lower your chances of weight gain and low immunity levels. What do we suggest for healthier eating? Try going vegetarian for a day.

You’ve heard of Meatless Monday’s or Fish Friday’s (maybe even ‘Fresh Friday’) to help promote healthier eating habits throughout the week. While the names are catchy, the health benefits are incredible (if done right). We want to challenge you to adopt healthy eating habits, and try going vegetarian for a day the healthy way.

Going vegetarian for a day must be done the right way to receive the full health benefit. Many who choose to partake in Meatless Monday’s avoid meet but replace it with processed foods, carbohydrates or foods that are high in sugar. There is a way to do Meatless Monday’s the healthy way. We found a menu that will help you go vegetarian for a day, the right way! Check out our veggie menu here.

Interested in taking a step further? Use this super food tracker to see what you are putting in your body. This super food tracker will break down the amount of sugar, carb and fat intake you are getting each day. Having a visual copy of this could really spark a change in your eating habits. Click here to us the super food tracker.



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