Growing the Girl: Breast Cancer Awareness

We had mentioned at the beginning of this month that October is breast cancer awareness month!

As an organization that is committed to not only grow the game of golf for women, we are also committed to growing the women of the game. In doing so, we believe that health education about our bodies is vital to our mental and physical health.  With breast cancer being the second reason of deaths amongst women in America, it is important to be up to date on facts concerning breast cancer and breast health.

While mammograms are highly recommended to women in their early 40s, we know that cancer is not partial to any age. Therefore, it is important to be well-educated on breast health–despite your age and gender.

The following is a list of articles to help you become more proactive about your health:

Breast Health read about breast health and what you should be doing to take preventative measures.

Get tested – Get tested for breast cancer, be proactive and get a checkup!

Questions to ask your Doctor – be prepared when you get tested. Click here for a list of questions to ask your doctor at your next mammogram.

October 19th was National Mammography Day – click this link to take the National Mammography quiz

Breast Cancer Fact Sheet Get the facts on breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Association


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