Wellness Wednesday: Equipment Update

Equipment Update

September 26, 2012 

2013 Ping Serene Clubs

Since this month has been packed full of tournaments, we thought we would give you a professional update on the latest equipment. Who doesn’t love new equipment, right?

The most recent equipment that has been on our radar are the new Ping clubs. As any seasoned golfer may know, Ping is not the type of manufacturer that releases’ women’s clubs every year. Their production time for women’s clubs is more like two years, if that. So, when Ping releases a new set of women’s club, it is big news in our part of the world.

The 2013 Serene line was officially launched August 1, 2012 and was received with much anticipation. The Serene clubs were designed to offer more options for female players, specifically women’s swings. Ping is known for their emphasis on proper fitting and custom options, despite an individuals ability. The most notable advantage offered in the Serene line is two women’s flex/weight options, Lite and Ultra Lite, in the stock Ping ULT210 graphite shaft.

Ping Serene

The wide-bodied, lightweight titanium Serene driver has an ultra-thin crown, reports Golf Digest insiders. This ultra-thin crown allows for excess weight to be placed in strategic areas inside the head to optimize forgiveness and launch. The driver is 45 inches long and available in three lofts.

The Serene hybrid-iron set allows you to mix and match hybrids and irons to suit your needs; you can have as many as three hybrids or just opt for two, or one, or none–the price is the same per club, reports Golf Digest’s Stina Sternberg. This is perhaps one of the most desirable aspects of this set, you can buy these clubs in a piece-meal fashion, which is the best possible way to build a set.

The serene irons have wide soles and deep centers of gravity to help you get through the turf and launch the ball high, and the much-improved hybrids have a new, low-profile design that makes them easier to launch. To learn more about the most raved about equipment of the year, visit ping.com.

Note for newbies: If you are new to the game, the best way to build a set is to get fitted and fill in the gaps as you need to. Do not buy standard configuration right off the rack, get fitted for clubs that fit you and you will feel the difference.

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