Inspiring Stories: Mom’s Do Know Best

Mom’s Do Know Best

A Tee Talk article by Dottie Lyons, WSCGA Director

Every once in a while we come across inspiring stories that we just have to share. This is one of them.

All of us had the chance time and time again to hear the words from our mom, “Sit up straight, drink your water, clean your plate, get outside and play; you don’t need to be sitting here in from of the TV (or computer/game set).

Most 0f those words need to be brought back to all of us as golfers and especially to all in the younger generation. If we can have a good diet, and I believe as Julia Childs advocated, “Always use good ingredients; butter is good for you, simply use moderation in all of your eating and you will be well and healthy and that is important in the game of life and golf.”

Lots of water, especially when the day is warm, stay hydrated and you may enjoy those special waters/drinks; just be sure you are not putting a lot of additives in your system that may be harmful. I read the ingredients of a super power drink and there are 2,000 mgs of caffeine in a 5-ounce bottle! Wow, that would get me going and I’d never slow down.

Plain water is  so good for us, and usually we’ll hit the course after cups of coffee and a muffin or sweet roll. Boy, we set ourselves up for mental fatigue and as Arnold Palmer says, “90% of the game is between your ears.”

Plan ahead for those crazy busy mornings; while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner; boil a pan of eggs; bring the water to a boil, drop in your eggs and cover the pan, turn off the heat and let it steep for 15 minutes, cool, peel and place in a container for the refrigerator, cut up some fruit and place portions into baggies. As you are running out to the course, grab a hard-boiled egg and a baggie of fruit. This choice is much better for you than a Payday candy bar. Let’s make choices to maintain a good diet with level blood sugar. A good diet and hydration will protect your body maintaining a good energy level and also protect against lower back, knee, shoulder and elbow pain and injuries.

Many of us think of golf as recreation and not exercise; yet, if we will listen to our bodies, we will realize we are moving areas of our body on the course that is usually quiet or non-moving off the course. When we are sore or stiff later, that is an indication that we are using a part that is not conditioned.

As golfers, we tend to play the game without any conditioning or warm-up. Also, we need to watch the medications, including those “over the counter” pain meds we take just before or during the game. That may be masking the message your body is sending you; let’s get in the habit of warming up, stretching those limbs and your back. Have you ever taken your five wood, arms out to your side and pulled it up and down your back? Oh my goodness, how good does that feel! Gives a whole new meaning to, “every girl should have a five wood in her bag.”

Mom saying, “sit up straight” reminds me on the 8th of May when I had the honor of meeting the Women’s Club Champion of Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Nadine Elliott. Such a beautiful, tall, graceful young woman; she volunteered to assist our B Flight of the Desert Event. As I watched her working as a runner of the final score cards from the scoring table to the final verification and posting unit for the tournament, I was in awe of her. I am sure her composure and posture are the same on the golf course as off.

All in all, enjoy your game more by getting healthy with exercise and diet (probably not less food, just better choices).

Want more golf tips? Check out our article “Disarming Sandbaggers” in the June 2012 Tee Talk article!


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