WGAC State Team Winner


2012 WGAC State Team Winner

For those who are unaware, this past weekend was the 2012 State Team Match against Northern and Southern California.

Last year, the North took home the title after the south had held onto the title for seven years. This year at San Luis Obispo Country Club, the North took home the title for yet another year. This will be the second year in a row that the North has left the match as state team champions only to fuel the fire for next years match!

For full results visit our Tournaments results page on our website.

In other news…

Did you know the WSCGA has a new app? You can now access information about the Association from your smartphone!

Download the GHIN App, enter your GHIN number and last name and then type in “WSCGA” under association search.

From there you can access all type of information regarding the WSCGA. The app allows you to post a score, track your game with the “my game” tab and look up handicap indexes for a particular course. You are also able to look up tournaments, view the WSCGA tournament calendar and view the pairings for upcoming tournaments. Now you can literally have the WSCGA at your finger tips!

Tried the new app recently? Share your experience with us!



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