Introducing Golf 2.0


Next week at the California Women’s Championship in Napa, the PGA’s Player Development Regional Manager for Southern California, Nikki Gatch, will be speaking about Golf 2.0 and the power of the women’s golf market.

In short, Golf 2.0 is a strategic plan to help grow the game of golf. The goal of Golf 2.0 is to increase the number of golfers from its current level. This goal will be met with a distinctive strategy that implements a long-ranged plan for the golf industry to increase the number of golfers and the revenue generated from golf.

Golf 2.0 plans to build toward that goal and create 40 million golfers by 2020 with these core strategies:

  • Retain and strengthen the golfing core
  • Engage the lapsed
  • Drive new players
  • Industry & Facility Commitment

Specifically, Golf 2.0 will implement a strategic imperative to connect with women golfers:

  • Education and training
  • Communications and marketing
  • Events and programming
  • Alliance relationships

The PGA of America will spearhead these strategic initiatives while focusing on the fact that Golf 2.0 is an industry-wide plan that will require engagement from all sectors. In order to enact these initiatives, the PGA will implement a training effort through member education.

What can you do now?

  • Spread the word –Golf is fun!
  • Participate in events and promote programming
  • Alliance relationships—create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Bring someone new to the game this year!

For Further Information on how to grow the game of golf, check out these sites!



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