Living a Healthy Life Style with Stacey Lewis


WSCGA Director, Dottie Lyons, interviewed Stacy Lewis

for tips on prepping for competition and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Read below for the entire interview

Lyons: Do you have any special exercises for maintaining your health?

Lewis: I try to workout atleast 5 days a week. I have a trainer I work with when I’m home, we do all sorts of exercies. We work the core, legs and back to help maintain my swing and energy level on the course.

Lyons: Exercises for power in your game?

Lewis: Any exercises for the core and legs help increase club head speed which leads to more distance.

Lyons: How do you relax your mind for the short ship or pitch shot?

Lewis: For any shot I hit, my last thought is to not have a thought. Once I’m over the ball it’s just about seeing the shot and letting it happen.

Lyons: Do you have any special diet for your game?

Lewis: I don’t have a special diet, I do try to eat fairly healthy. A couple keys are drinking plenty of water especially before and after the round and always having at least 20 grams of protein after every workout. This allows the muscles to recover more quickly.

Lyons: Do you have a favorite snack on the course?

Lewis: I don’t eat a lot on the course but when I do it’s usually IQ plus bars, bananas or pretzels!

Lyons: Where is your favorite away from the game relaxation?

Lewis: I love going to the beach! I like to go fishing and paddle boarding in my off weeks. It’s very relaxing for me!

Lyons: What tips do you have for the average (handicap range of 15 to 25) woman to help her with her game?

Lewis: I would say this to anyone, but you can’t practice your short game enough. The biggest difference in the professional game is putting and chipping, speed control is #1!

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