Wellness Wednesday: CWC Pro Pointer

California Women’s Championship

Pro Pointers

For those that follow our Facebook page, you may have seen this tip but there is no harm in refreshing your memory!

Here is a pro pointer for the California Women’s Championship first hole at Chardonnay Golf Course.

California Women's Championship Image

Here are some Pro Pointers on how to play the Chardonnay Golf Course

Hole # 1 – TERROIR –

Lets start at the very beginning

“With a carry over a small creek, this par 4 starts off under a majestic valley oak. At about 120 yards out, the hole bends slightly left and the back two-thirds of the green seems to tuck behind the bunker on the left. Choose your club carefully to negotiate the ridge bisecting the green, as you don’t want to be on the opposite side from the pin. Repeated with every green complex after the first, clever use of the tightly mounds and approaches around this green can be very helpful in feeding the ball to the hole.”

Any tips you’d like to share?

Share with us below!


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