More Women’s Golf News

As you may have noticed in recent posts, we have been keeping you up to date with all the latest events happening around Southern California.

Here is the latest:

  • Last week was the 2012 Women’s Association Roundtable Meeting (WARM) conference held in Phoenix, AZ. Representatives of various Women’s Golf Associations gathered together last week to discuss the future of women’s golf.
2012 Warm Conference, Photo Courtesy: PWGA Facebook

2012 Warm Conference, Photo Courtesy: PWGA Facebook

More News…

  • Entries are now open for the California Women’s Championship. Those of you with a 10.4 or lower handicap Index are eligible to play. This year the Championship will be held at Chardonnay GC in the Napa Valley—July 16-18, 2012.
  • If you can’t play and are interested in volunteering and watching some great amateur golf – contact the PWGA office.
  • You can tour the golf course through Chardonnay Golf Club website

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