Wellness Wednesday: Staying Optimistic

5 Reasons to Stay Optimistic About


Adapted from National Golf Foundation article and the Mayor of Crazy Town Blog
Volume 2, Issue 2 – February 2012

Are you feeling down about the future of golf? Does the industry’s supply and demand imbalance frighten you, while the economic challenges discourage you?

Clear those negative thoughts  out of your mind and reposition it with some optimism while considering these five positive things about the game of golf:

  1.There has never been a better time in history to be a golfer.

  • If you think about the quality of the course design, turf conditions and hospitality provided by country clubs, you will come to realize that it is at its highest standard in the history of golf. “Mr. Mayor” stated that, “If you wanted to join an elite private golf club in 2000 and your investment account didn’t have seven digits (or your ancestors didn’t come to America on The Mayflower), chances are you could forget about it!”
  • In today’s society, the private club membership is incredibly accessible today.

2.    Golf is going to be in the 2016 Olympics!

  •     For the first time ever, there will be national ministries of sport willing to invest money into golf. Not only is this a big step for those committed to the sport, but it will also enlighten new golfers everywhere. As “Mr. Mayor” says, “Spread the gospel of the little white ball!”

                                3.    “Non-golfers” are interested in playing!

  • According to NGF article, “the NGF and Boston Consulting Group have each, independently, studied non-golfers and concluded that there are more than 30 million people, who are didn’t play golf in the prior year but are “extremely” or “very” interested in playing golf now.”
  •     This represents a real opportunity to bring golf’s supply and demand back into balance.

4. Creativity in the game is gaining momentum.

  •    Other variations to the traditional 18-hole rounds have been put in place for those that are not fond of the traditional game. Many people have altered the game in creative ways that are manageable on their times. These creative approaches are gaining momentum, and can provide a great opportunity for those in the golf industry to build their franchise.

                         5.    Don’t forget: Golf is the best game ever, period.

  • Ask any seasoned (or newbie) golfer, it is an addictive game. It can be an enjoyable game with good company and those who have a genuine love for the game.  While golf may not be for everybody, introduce it to those who have never tried it and spread the addictive joy!

To read the original article click here


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