Wellness Wednesday: Fit February

 Fit February

Working off that Valentine’s Day chocolate

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Did you spend the day out golfing with your Valentine? Or did you enjoy relaxing and indulging in rich, sugary treats?

It is always good to indulge and take delight in the simple things.

But don’t forget your fitness this February! Even if it is a little stretching and strength training. Keeping your body loose and active is a sure way to prevent injury on the green and increase your golf game!

Stretch: Knee to Chest stretch

What it helps:  Reduces the risk of injury to low back by stretching hip flexors and hamstrings


  • Lie on your back.
  • Bring one knee into the chest and hold for approximately five seconds.
  • Release slightly and repeat 3x total.
  • Switch legs
  • At the end, bring both legs into chest.
  • Knees can be slightly apart as to not put too much stress on abdominal wall.
  • Breathe slowly and allow body to “give in” to the stretch
  • Relax the head and neck

Nutrition Tip: To help stabilize blood sugar, instead of just eating a banana, try putting a banana slices in yogurt or spread peanut-butter on top of a banana! Always think carb-protein-fat!

Well Thoughts: The difference between CAN and CANNOT are only three letters—three letters that determine your life’s direction. Be a positive thinker!


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