Wellness Wednesday: Juicing for Wellness

Wellness Wednesday: Juicing for Wellness


For those that may not be familiar with the term “juicing” it is different than your traditional smoothie drink.

Juicing is a raw foods diet that allows you to combine whole vegetables and fruits in a juicer to drink in place of whole meals.

It is a healthier and a more popular alternative to dieting or other weight loss systems. Juicing can be done as a supplement to some meals for healthier living or can be used to help lose excess weight and aid in liver detoxification.

A more popular resource on juicing is the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, in which Joe tells his personal story of how juicing helped change his life but also his outlook on food, nutrition and overall wellness.  Joe continues to advocate juicing on his blog, Reboot Your Life and advocates that juicing is not a diet but a time for one’s body to reset and cleanse.

Nutritionist Linda Wagner also explains the benefits of juicing, in addition to providing delicious recipes on her blog: Nutrition to invigorate mind, body and spirit.

So, Why Juice? 

  • For More Energy or Added Energy
  • Liver Detoxification: One of the primary functions of the liver is to serve as the body’s detoxifier. Filling your body with vegetables helps move along this process.
  • Heart Health: Both antioxidant vitamins C and E prevent free radicals on artery walls. They prevent blood from sticking, clotting, and becoming toxic. Great levels of vitamin C can be found in most fruits and vegetables, while vitamin E can be obtained by adding blackberries, kiwi, asparagus and spinach in your juice recipes.
  • More Micro-Nutrients:Micro-nutrients are vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and are all necessary for us to be healthy. Micronutrients are found in abundance in all plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, etc.). A healthy diet with micronutrients combined with physical activity (ie. Golf!) and maintaining a healthy weight, reduce the risk of:
    • cardiovascular disease
    • stroke
    • diabetes
    • certain types of cancers
    • mental illness
    • metabolic syndrome

Still not convinced? Watch the documentary: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Hulu or Netflix for some added inspiration!

“Green Juice” 

Drink this in the morning for that much-needed energy boost!

  • 2 cups Kale : Kale is rich in calcium, lutein, iron, and vitamins A, C, and K.
  • 2 cups Spinach: Spinach is high in iron, vitamin C, and beta-carotene.
  • 1/2 Cucumber:  Cucumbers contain potassium and phytosterols, which help lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • 4 stalks Celery: Celery is high in organic sodium, magnesium, and iron. Magnesium is important for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy.
  • 2 Green Apples: Apples contain antioxidants that help protect “good” HDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • 1” Ginger root: Ginger root reduces nausea, pain and inflammation, and provides heartburn relief.

Run all ingredients through juicer and enjoy!

Serves: 1 Prep: 10 min Total: 10 min Calories: 325 kcal Protien: 12 g
Fiber: 2 g Total Fat: 2 gm Sat. Fat: 0 gm Sodium: 310 mg Carbs: 60 gm

For more juice recipes and juicing plans visit Joe’s blog, Reboot Your Life.


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