Wellness Wednesday: Lessons From The Tee

Do not get good at just one shot

Adapted from Golf Digest

Luke Donald wrote an article in this month’s Golf Digest about not getting good at just one shot. His reason?

“When I practice my short game, I try to simulate real golf. You don’t get 50 balls on the course to hit one shot, so don’t practice that way. Work on adjusting to different situations.”

This is called variability practice.

What he recommends:

*Chip or pitch to several different targets

*Spread the balls around and hit to one target from a bunch of different spots

Rule of thumb: Whichever way you practice, do not do the same shot more than two or three times in a row!

Remember every shot on the greens is unique. Therefore, practice that way.

“When my practice reflects that, I feel like I can get up and down from anywhere.”

Luke Donald led the tour in scoring.

To read the full article go here


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