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Today marks the first day of our monthly book review, in which you will receive recommendations and reviews of great pieces of literature. If you have a review you would like to share, please leave a comment below or e-mail us!

The Book: Mona Vold, Different Strokes: The Lives and Teachings of the Games Wisest Women

Mona Vold’s Different Strokes tells the rich stories of ‘ women who have lived and loved the game.’ They include the well known such as Kathy Whitworth and Peggy Kirk Bell and those known only inside golf circles like Wiffi Smith and Pat Lange. Vold’s cross-country pilgrimage takes her from Oakland to Philadelphia, Pine Needles to Las Cruces. With each chapter she allows us to eavesdrop by sharing her conversations with Jackie Pung, Betty Jameson, Debbie Massey, Shirley Englehorn and others.

  After recounting her chat she shares their teaching secrets and insights about teaching the golf swing and the game.  Their insights are simple, profound and moving. One of many wonderful anecdotes recounted by Vold includes local legend, Shirley Spork’s observations about the impatience she witnessed from teacher and student alike in teaching golf. Said Spork, “Golf is like eating an elephant. You can only eat it one bite at a time.” Even at age 72, Spork told the author that she had only eaten five eights of the elephant. Read this book and you will have consumed some of that elephant.

This review was written by the WSCGA’s Deb Long.


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