Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Recommendations

Healthy Book Recommendations

We all know that total wellness includes exercising the mind. One of the best exercises you can do for your mind is… read.

Perhaps you are an avid reader and already have a long list waiting to be tackled. Or maybe reading is not really your thing, but you just got a new kindle (reading tablet) for Christmas and want to put it to good use.

Whatever your vowed circumstance may be, we have put together five golf books that we believe are worthy of recommending (to readers and non-readers alike!).

Must-Read Golf Books

This book is a clever tongue-in-cheek read that examines how golf affects women and vice versa. Langley examines how golf affects women’s relationships with those around her, including the clubs and clothes women tend to buy.

Not only is this book filled with wit and satirical humor, it will leave you feeling good once you are through with it!

Scott Peck takes on the ultimate head game and invites the reader to see golf as a game that includes one’s whole being. Golf and the Spirit is a book for golfers and non-golfers alike! Peck opens the door and delves into the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the game. This book makes a unique contribution to golf and life.

This book is less like a novel and more like a resource manual for beginner to professional golfers. This book seeks to improve the complete game of golf in a synergistic way by providing fundamental, nutritional and mental advice. It is a complete approach that we believe all would benefit from.

Those that believe that golf does not affect your golf game are sadly mistaking, and Kramer agrees. Kramer highlights the importance of being physically fit with wit and humor. Suggested meal plans for pre and post games are listed throughout the text and what food items golfers should stay away from. Kramer also turns to the PGA and LPGA pros for nutritional advice, in which they reveal what their daily dietary plan consists of.

If your travel bug has gotten you yet, this book will make sure that it will! The book  features Mike Keiser’s journey in building Bandon Dunes, a British-style links golf resort on the Oregon coast. It now has four courses and last year hosted both the men’s and women’s USGA Amateur Public Links Championships. The book provides insight on how Keiser runs the operation, the emphasis on customer service and the way he treats his employees. The book takes you throughout all the details of the Dunes, the trails that traverse throughout the property and labyrinth that is dedicated to his business partner that passed.

 Those are our recommendations, do you have any? 


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