Wellness Wednesday: Watch Your Back!

Advice from the American Chiropractic Association

Save your golf game by saving your back!

We work on our swing, our stance, our alignment but do we really focus on the great deal of torque our back is generating?

As avid golfers, we contort our bodies into twisted postures, spend our time in a bent-over stance and repeat that numerous times over three to four hours. Combined with the walking and carrying of clubs, it is no wonder most of us experience lower-back pain.

The American Chiropractic Association has noticed this trend and provides advice on taking proactive measures that will prepare your body to play pain and injury free.

“Most golfer’s go until they get hurt, then they look for help,” says Dr. David Stude, member of the ACA Sports Council and founding fellow of the National Golf Fitness Society.

Dr. Stude and the ACA suggest these simple measures to help you avoid back pain or injury, which will then improve your game:

  • Buy equipment that fits. This includes both men and women. If you’re playing with clubs that are too short or too big for you, it will greatly affect your golf game.
  • If you show some signs of arthritis in your hands, opt for a larger, more specialized grip for added safety and performance.
  • Take lessons to learn proper swing techniques. At the end of the swing, you should be standing up straight and not twisted.
  • Avoid metal spikes. They tear up the greens and can increase added stress to your back. Softer shoes or soft spikes will allow a greater range of motion.
  • Warm up before each round. Take a walk or stretch before you play your game, that way your muscles are loose and flexible.
  • Do not carry your heavy golf bag, pull it. Carrying your heavy golf bag can cause your spine to shrink, which then leads to disk problems and nerve irritation.
  • Keep your whole body involved. In-between holes, take a few practice swings with the opposite hand to keep your muscles balanced.
  • Hydrate! Dehydration causes fatigue, which will cause you to compensate your swing and lead to injury. So, drink a lot of water!

Do you have any wellness tips? Please share!

This was adapted from an article associated with the ACA.

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