Wellness Wednesday: Christmas Treats!

Christmas Cookies 

Last week we promised Christmas treats and today we will deliver! Think of it as a reward for the body training workouts you did last week!

During this time of year, Christmas cookies are a staple at my house. Whether we are baking elaborate Christmas cookies for gifts, holiday parties or for family and friends, cookies are always baking in our kitchen.

In light of that, I have assembled five of our most classic cookies for you to share with your co-workers, golfing partners, friends and families!

Take a look below and start baking!

  • Chocolate Thumbprints: These simple delicious butter cookies are a staple at every cookie exchange and holiday party (right next to the sugar cookie). Instead of using  chocolate ganache in the middle, I put a Hershey’s kiss! It is easier and you have a wider variety to choose from! 

Click here to get the recipe

  • Cinnamon Sugar Cookies: This is my favorite variation of the sugar cookie. Add some sinnamon to the batter and to decorate the outside, stack them high and tie with a colorful ribbon and its the perfect gift!

Photo Courtesy: MyRecipe.com

Click here for this sugary gift!

  • Lemon-Coconut Snow Balls:These cookies are easy to make and gift and are also packed full of flavor! If you want to really get creative you can stack them into a snowman. The key to this cookie is — the more powdered sugar the bigger the cookie!

    Photo Courtesy: MyRecipe.com

Click here for this fun recipe

  • Classic Molasses Cookie: This recipe is easy and makes for a delicious holiday cookie! They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside!

Click here for the full recipe

  • Classic Shortbread Cookie: It is not Christmas without the classic shortbread cookie. These cookies are fun because you can do so many different variations with them. You can add ingredients such as pecans, almonds or dip it in chocolate. You can also decorate them with colored sugars, edible crystals and frosting. For the ultimate recipe and variations check out the recipe here.

What are your favorite holiday treats? Share it with us and we might add it to next weeks Wellness Wednesday!


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