Our Thanksgivings

Our Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, a literal three days away, and we have a lot to be thankful for! As we get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to share a couple of “thanksgivings” to those in the golfing and amateur golfing world.

Thankful for: USGA paving the way…

To finish up our series on the history of handicapping, we want to thank the USGA for leading the way of the handicapping system. On October 11, 1911 at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, N.J. the USGA adopted the first nationwide handicap format.

“The principal feature of this system is that not only is the good player handicapped because he is a good player, but the bad player is also handicapped because he is a bad player.” –Leighton Calkins

Most of the credit goes to Leighton Calkins for developing the USGA Handicap System. Calkins was a member of the USGA Executive Committee and is noted by the USGA website as the pioneer of handicapping in the United States. Calkins tested his system and made adjustments in accordance to his results. We thank pioneers like Calkins for making our system uniform! To read more about USGA paving the way for handicapping click here.

Thankful for: These Golfers… for paving the way and making a dent in Women’s golf...

                                    Anne Sander              

Photo Couresy: USGA.com

  • 3 time US Women’s Amateur winner
  • 7 time Curtis Cup winner
  • 4 time Senior Amateur winner

We are thankful for her accomplishments as she serves to be a role model to us all!

   Mickey Wright

Photo Courtesy: USGA.com


  • Won four  U.S. Women’s Open titles  by the age of 30
  • The only golfer to have held four women’s major titles at one time.
  • In 1999 was named the top female golfer of the 20th century by the Associated Press
  • The first prominent female golfer honored by the USGA in a newly created Mickey Wright Room at the USGA Museum.

Hollis Stacy

  • Six-time USGA Champion

    Photo Courtesy: USGA.com

  • Four-time LPGA major Champion
  • Three-time  U.S. Women’s Open’s Champion
  • The only player ever to win the U.S. Girls’ Junior three times
  • Will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in May 2012


We are thankful to all of our loyal members and faithful readers! We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with food, family, friends and fun!

By: Cassandra Gonzales



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