Wellness Wednesday: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Candy!

We hope that your Halloween was a memorable one this year!

Now that Halloween has come and gone (and you’re still recovering from that candy coma), chances are that your candy is still around. You don’t want to eat all of it but you don’t want it to sit around forever. Plus, it is so good! So, what to do with all of that left-over Halloween Candy?

Here are four ways to use your post-Halloween Candy without giving into a post-Halloween sugar overload!

Share: Check out local homeless shelters, food pantries and hospitals to give your candy to. There are plenty of southern California organizations that take candy donations. You will be relieving yourself from all the sugary goodness and passing it on to someone else!

Send: Send your extra Halloween candy to our troops! There are plenty of organizations that take candy donations for care packages that are sent out to our soldiers. Try these organizations: Operation Shoe Box and Operation Gratitude.

Innovate: Store your candy for your holiday baking. Instead of going out to buy another package of M&Ms and Hershey’s Kisses for your holiday cookies, use the ones you already have!

Melt: Melt down your extra chocolate candy and use it to make chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries or bananas!

Don’t Forget…

Day Light Savings Time ends on November 6th!


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