The Past and The Present: The Millie Stanley Trophy

Congrats Kathy Kurata

From Friendly Hills Country Club for winning the Millie Stanley Cup!

The 36-hole tournament took place last week, October 17-18, at Hillcrest and Bel-Air Country Clubs to determine the champion for the Millie Stanley Cup trophy. See last Monday’s post for all of the details. Winning this trophy is an honor and the WSCGA congratulates this year’s champion.

History of the Millie Stanley Cup

What makes the Millie Stanley cup so special? In 2000 the WSCGA 36-Hole Championship trophy was named the “Millie Stanley Cup,” to reflect the WSCGA’s deep appreciation and respect for Millie Stanley, a 1993 Distinguished Service Award Recipient. The Association and the WSCGA Board of Directors applied Stanley’s name to the short list of trophy namesakes to constitute the honor of a “Who’s Who” amongst the WSCGA’s founding and sustaining members.

Millie Stanley is a decorated member of the WSCGA and a staple in the amateur golfing community. Stanley, originally from Hawaii, did not initially like the game of golf when she was first introduced to it as a four-year-old by her father. Instead, she enjoyed hunting for the lost golf balls and selling them for money. Despite her dislike for the game, Stanley proved that she was a natural while competing in team golf events as a civilian naval employee (with a 16 handicap) with other Navy, Army and Marines.

In 1955 Stanley married and moved to California, settling in Montebello. While residing in California, Stanley once again became acquainted with golf but this time left a lasting imprint. Stanley quickly became a club champion and played in all city and county tournaments in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Long Beach. Stanley then went on to win the U.S. Amateur, which qualified her for the U.S. Open as an amateur.

With a large footprint in the amateur golfing world, Stanley was awarded an athletic scholarship and enrolled at Long Beach State at 47 years old. Majoring in Political Science, Stanley competed on the golf team for 4 ½ years and volunteered as a player/coach during her final year. This allowed Stanley to fulfill the deep desire she had to give back to the University for allowing her to continue her education.

Stanley’s amateur accomplishments are massive upon her induction but include: 5 Long Beach Championships, 2 Los Angeles Championships, 3 SoCal Pub Links Championships and 8 SoCal Senior Titles. In addition to her accomplishments, she had a heart for service.

In recognition for her heart of service, in 1993 she was awarded the WSCGA Distinguished Service Award and in addition she has been a member of the Long Beach Hall of Fame (twice), the San Diego Hall of Fame and the NCAA National Hall of Fame. She has also served as a USGA Committee Member for the Women’s Mid-Amateur, Associate Director of the World Cup and Curtis Cup and has volunteered for over 30 years for various PGA tournaments. Stanley was also the 49ers golf team coach for four years and was chosen Western Collegiate Coach of the Year in 1984.

Stanley embodied the core foundation of the WSCGA by fostering and promoting amateur golf through competition. Stanley’s hard work and dedication resulted in a rewarding legacy, which makes the Millie Stanley Trophy so special.

By: Cassandra Gonzales



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