Starting Our Week Off The Right Way…

… with a nice, competitive golf tournament!

Today kicks off the first day of the WSCGA’s 36-hole stroke tournament taking place at Hillcrest Country Club on Monday and Bel-Air Country Club on Tuesday. The participants of the tournament are playing for the Millie Stanley Cup Trophy, which will be awarded to the Over-The-Field Gross Champion.

Eligibility for the tournament:

  • Open to division 1 members
  • Must be 40.4 maximum index
  • Players are selected from the lowest 120 indices of all entries received with the next 30 lowest on the waiting list, using September 15 index.

Playing Information:

       Hillcrest  Country Club                      Bel-Air Country Club

Tees: White                                                                          Red

Course Rating: 74.5                                                           75.2

Slope: 137                                                                            138

About the Clubs:

Hillcrest Country Club: The tournament begins today at Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles, located across the street from Fox Studios. The Hillcrest Country Club includes an 18-hole golf course and tennis court. The course was designed by Willie Watson and first opened in 1920. In the 1950s, oil was discovered on Hillcrest’s land and the club allowed drilling. The historic country club continues to be a place where people gather and history is made; this week members of the WSCGA will be able to make history on the course by competing for this year’s Millie Stanley Cup.

Bel-Air Country Club: Day two of the tournament will take place at the Bel-Air Country Club, a social club located in Bel-Air. The country club was founded in 1927 and designed by Carleton Winslow, a southern California architect. The golf course, a par 70 at 6491 yards, was designed by William P. Bell and George Thomas. Boasting that it is one of the most challenging golf courses on the West Coast, Bel-Air continues to be one of the highest-rated golf courses in the state of California.

Check back with us on Wednesday to find out the Millie Stanley Cup winner!


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