Wellness Wednesday: Body, Mind & Spirit

Get Your Body, Mind & Spirit Working Together for a Better Game

We hope this holiday weekend found you well. Now that you are all relaxed and rested, are you ready to improve your golf game? Below are a few reminders and exercise tips to help you with the process. Don’t forget to take our poll at the bottom!

Mental Wellness:  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” –Colin Powell

Spirit Wellness (Thinking Golf): The arm muscles (your biceps, triceps, and forearm flexors/extensors) are responsible for club control and largely determine clubhead accuracy. So, work on your strength and flexibility for a better stroke.

Body Wellness: Heavy Ball Routine

The goal of this exercise is to promote coordination, timing and rhythm during your swing as well as finger/wrist/forearm strength for club control.

What you’ll need: A core stability ball (or an exercise weight ball). The size and weight of the ball depends on your height and personal preference.

What to do: Stand with feet in address position. Circle heavy ball around your waist 10 times each direction while rotating hips as if using a hula hoop. Keep your abs tights and your posture straight. Then circle the ball bothy ways down the hips, legs, ankles and back up. Do three reps of this move to complete the exercise.


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