Wellness Wednesday: Fitting Fitness into “The Schedule”

So long goes the excuse that you’re too busy to fit in a little bit of fitness. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Fitness at times, is something we have to work at having; and just like many other things, it has to be something we prioritize to make it happen. However, fitting in exercise can be done in very minimal ways… ways we may not even think of. Here are 5 ways to fit exercise into your busy busy schedule:

1.)    Stretch in the morning

  1. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, reach your hands over your head and stretch out your torso and back. Then, bend down to touch your toes, ankles, shins (wherever you’re at a comfortable stretch) and stretch your legs and hamstrings. In addition to loosening up your muscles, this little stretch will help wake you up to start your day!

2.)    Take The Stairs

  1. Instead of opting for the elevator at the office, take the stairs. If you don’t have stairs at your office, park a little farther away from the office and enjoy the extra walk. Many of us don’t like to forgo the convenience of close parking or elevators but the rewards will benefit you greatly.

3.)    Take Walks

  1. Use your 15 minute breaks and/or 20 minutes from your lunch break to get out from under the office light and into the sunshine and fresh air. Not only will this help you get your heart rate mildly pumping, but it will also help take your mind off of work for a few minutes. Don’t like walking alone? Find a like-minded co-worker and walk with them a couple days out of the week.

4.)    Ask in person

  1. While e-mail and phone calls are convenient way of getting messages to co-workers, opt for a balanced life and occasionally ask in person. Instead of shooting off an e-mail, walk down the hall to their office and relay the message face-to-face.

5.)    Try Active Entertainment

  1. Instead of unwinding to a movie and some popcorn, go out and do less sedentary activities from time to time. You will find that doing these physical activities will you give you the energy you have been looking for. A few examples:
  •       Golfing! Golfing can be both an enjoyable activity and provide a good physical workout. You can go for a round of golf or go to the driving range.
  •  Go biking with your friends or family on the weekends
  •  Go on a light hike through one of many California’s hiking trails
  •   Play horse shoes in the backyard!

 *Try these tips this week and tell us how they worked out for you!


Do not let your fears hold you back from pursuing your hopes” –John F. Kennedy


By: Cassandra Gonzales



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