Handicap Monday: The Books, The Events, The Jokes!


Monday’s are often given a bad reputation, especially if there was a fun and relaxing weekend involved. Most often I hear people reference their Monday’s as “mundane Monday” or claiming they have a case of “the Monday’s”. While I can understand their distaste for having to leave the comforts of their weekend, I have yet to come across that distaste for a Monday while interning here at the WSCGA. There always seems to be something new while walking into the office, whether that is an event within WSCGA or a new golf topic to research and write about. Every day I am learning something new and am given the opportunity to learn something new and expand that on the things that I love: writing and sports.  With that said, today has not been a mundane Monday. Not for me, at least and if your Monday is just so-so then I encourage you to read further.

-The Book-

This Monday was filled with all things handicap for me: WSCGA seminar events, readings, news articles and even jokes! This morning I decided to look through a book that I thought would provide me with some useful information in today’s blog post. It did. The book titled, “A View from the Red Tees: The Truth About Women and Golf” is a great book about all things women and all things golf related. Today, I just so happened turned to the chapter “All Golfers Are Not Created Equal”. This chapter delves into the differences between men and women golfers (at any stage) and the different handicap arithmetic between the sexes. Author Dorothy Langley, pokes fun at the sexist stereotypes that occur on the green and wittingly remarks on the ego that comes with ones handicap (with either sex). If you are looking for a little laugh, pick up this book. It is a great read.

-The Event-

Speaking of handicap numbers, as most of you know the WSCGA is sponsoring two handicap certification seminars in September. The seminars will be held on September 13 at the Dove Canyon Country Club and September 20 at Birnam Wood Golf Club in Santa Barbara. Maintaining a handicap certification is a key requirement for handicap chairpersons and other club members in accordance with the USGA Club Licensing Agreement. More information to come as the event draws near!

-Educate Yourself-

If you don’t know what a handicap index is or are having trouble explaining it to beginning golfers, try these resources! The USGA provides an abundance of resourceful answers when it comes to handicap education.

Look here for some information: http://www.usga.org/Handicapping.aspx?id=7792

Handicap education: http://www.usga.org/Content.aspx?id=25492

-The Joke-

If you just can’t get over your mundane Monday, then have a chuckle with this handicap joke:

What is the definition of a handicapped golfer?

A golfer who is playing with the boss!!


By: Cassandra Gonzales



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