Tee Talk: August 2011

Tee Talk

This month’s issue of the the WSCGA’s Tee Talk has produced top news for our association. Since we desire to be a connected community, we have included some articles that you may find informative.


A Letter From Our President…

The year is already half gone and the time has flown by for me. As I began the year as President, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited about the opportunities and challenges I knew would arise. There have been no disappointments as it has been busy and enlightening.

One of the greatest gifts has been the strengthening of prior relationships and the development of new ones. The golf community as a whole is such a dynamic group of accomplished individuals and I have gained much from many of them.

As I reflect back month to month, I have a lot to smile about as this organization always starts the year with gusto. With the Executive Tournament and Senior Championships leading us off there has been no slowing down. The opportunity to witness victory and sometimes defeat presents itself often.

There are many events to recall already this year but as a highlight, the energy experienced at the CWC (California Women’s Championship) was absolutely awesome. Through some pretty intense heat, golfers of greatly differing ages worked through three days of tough competition. The winner was not determined until the last hole on the final day. It literally came down to a putt. Pretty exciting stuff!

And then on the heels of that I found myself in Santa Maria to be a part of the North versus the South. This is truly the cream of the crop and to witness the camaraderie of not only the team but all those involved in the event was memorable.

The pressure was intense, the golf was great but the best part was definitely the interaction that took place between players, officials and all who attended. Though the North won this year I have no doubt that we will prevail next year. After all, the South had seven wins in a row!

In closing, the past months have been exciting and pleasurable. It has been a great experience working with the Board of Directors and staff of WSCGA to support women in golf. It is important to provide opportunities for women golfers to share their passion for the game as well as always encourage new players to join us no matter the age or experience. It has been a privilege to be a part of WSCGA and I certainly look forward to many more memorable experiences this year.

Hit ‘em long, hit ‘em straight!

 –President Jody Nickel


The WSCGA Welcomes Two New USGA Interns:

Cassie Gonzales 


Richard Rodriguez  


Cassie Gonzales is currently a senior at Biola University where she is majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Organizational leadership and a minor in Theology. At Biola University, Cassie is involved in a variety of philanthropic, social justice and educational organizations. Cassie has been a student writer for her collegiate newspaper and magazine for the past four years and has a passion to teach others how to write well. In addition to her academic pursuits, Cassie is an avid runner. Coming from a family of competitive athletes and marathon runners, sports has always been an integral part in her life.  After graduation, Cassie plans on attending graduate school to pursue her Masters in Business Administration degree.

Richard Rodriguez holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications from Chapman University. Richard is currently enrolled in a certification program at Mt. Sac Community College to fulfill his passion of becoming a web designer. Richard describes his passion for web design as the best of both worlds, as he gets to combine both his creative and intellectual passions. In addition to his many talents, Richard’s experience involves work as a cartoonist, animation artist, computer programmer and web developer. Richard has been the webmaster for his church, Immanuel First Lutheran Church of West Covina for 9 years. After this internship, Richard plans on fulfilling his passions by pursuing a career in web design and relocating to Honolulu, Hawaii.


The full issue of the August Tee Talk can be found on the association website: www.womensgolf.org/wscga


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