Monday’s & Women’s State Team Championship Results

 “The Monday’s”

Despite how connected we are to the media or how fast we receive our news, there always seems to be more news to update come Monday. Maybe it feels that way because of the weekend and we have developed a serious case of “The Monday’s”, so it just feels like a lot of news. Or perhaps the weekends are just where it’s at; maybe people are taking more advantage of their weekends now-a-days. At any rate, it should come as no surprise to you that we have updates to give you every Monday, like today!

 The Women’s Golf Association of California Team Championship

Title goes to…

This weekend was a busy one for Southern California women golfers. Yesterday brought to a close many things. Not only was it the last day of July, the last day for the debt deal to be finalized by U.S. government and the last day for the Women’s British Open, but it also yielded the end of the 7-year winning streak for the WSCGA South team. The Women’s Golf Association of California Team Championship was held at the Santa Maria Country Club yesterday afternoon and ended with a rejoicing North team as they took home the title and the trophy.

After 18 holes of very competitive golf, the matches ended up to 7 to 5 in favor of the North. Yesterday marked the first win for the North team since 2004 and ending the 7-year streak for the South. The South started out strong by outscoring the North in the Four ball category. The North quickly responded by outscoring the South in both the Modified Scotch and the Scramble formats and ultimately pulling away for a victory.  

The winning North team consisted of Karen Garcia from Auburn; Lynne Cowan and Eva Monisteri of Half Moon Bay; Stacey Camara of Fountaingrove Karen Price of Lake Wildwood and Lisa Winsten of Blackhawk. While the South squad comprised of Kathy Kurata of Friendly Hills; Robyn Puckett of Shady Canyon; Joan Higgins of Glendora; Marsha Butler of Rancho Bernard; Karen Brannon of Bernardo Heights; Deby Anderson of The Hideaway; and alternate Jody Duclos of Saticoy.

We are very proud of our South team and congratulate both teams on a job well done!

House Keeping

In addition to our golf updates, we would like to take a moment and update you on our blog.  

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Golf Forecast: Upcoming Tournaments and Events

U.S. Women’s Amateur: August 8-14 at Rhode Island Country Club

USGA Senior Women’s Amateur: September 10-15 at The Honors Course in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!



By: Cassandra Gonzales



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  1. Great post today! Always nice to be kept up to date with upcoming tournaments and events! Keep up the good work Woman’s Southern California Golf Association Blog! The blog looks fantastic!

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