Wellness Wednesday: Welcoming Change

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We are very happy about the make-over our blog has received and excited that you are here to enjoy it with us! This blog was created with you in mind! It is our desire to see the WSCGA members informed and connected with one another; whether that is through our blog, Facebook page or our women’s online golf site. We have made it to easier for you to connect with one click of a button. To have blog updates sent to your e-mail, click on the right and sign up! To check out our Facebook page, click on our Facebook icon on the right to be our friends. You can click on our “About Us” tab in the top right hand corner and click on our e-mail to send us your feedback. Since the blog was created for you, we welcome your feedback!

Another reason to be excited for today is the fact that it’s Wellness Wednesday! Today we are focusing on change. Change is that heavy word that most of us cringe at. Change usually means that we have to go outside of our comfort zone, an idea that most of us creatures of habit strongly dislike. Not all change is bad, especially when it comes to your fitness! While you may be required to go outside your level of comfort, this type of change is for the better. Let me tell you why…

There are countless research articles explaining why being fit and maintaining fitness is important, we have come up with five reasons of our own.

5 Important Reasons to Be Physically Active:

  1. To be healthier and live a healthier lifestyle
  2. To feel better about yourself, and have a sense of accomplishment
  3. To get a better night’s sleep
  4. To strengthen bones and muscles
  5.  Helps reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, high-blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

According to Health.com, Rear Adm. Penelope Slade Royall stated, “Being physically active is one of the most important things Americans of all ages can do to protect and improve their health.” Royall is a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Royall noted that for most people, all it takes is 2.5 hours a week to stay healthy. However, this should be the very minimum time one should work out at.

Being physically active and staying fit does not have to be a miserable chore. In fact, fitness can be fun but it all hinges on maintaining the proper perspective and right attitude. Getting started on becoming fit does not have to be a crazy 5 mile run or advanced berkham yoga. You can start small and work your way up, after all you have to start somewhere.

A few tips to get fit:

  • Make walking an evening ritual or a morning routine. If you have any pets, take them on your walk so that your walk pace can stay at a steady tempo.
  • Do yoga. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body. Join a yoga class at your local gym. Don’t be intimidated by the advanced poses, it takes awhile to get there. Start off at the beginner’s level and you will feel the difference! We also recommend: Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown Video.
  • Go golfing! Golfing can burn a lot of calories, some in ways that you may not even think of! Carrying clubs while golfing can burn 241 calories per hour. Walking and pulling clubs burns 312 cal/hr and riding in a cart while golfing is 187 cal/hr.

Want to track your fitness?

Accountability is key when it comes to making a change, especially when the change is to become more physically active. Many of us find excuses to make exercise a lower priority, whether it is that you feel too sore or not sore enough. Many health and fitness organizations recognize this need for accountability and have created online tracking tools for us.

We recommend: www.Livestrong.com/thedailyplate

This site allows you to track your daily intake of calories and the calories that you have burned. It allows you to set your own personal weight and exercise goals. This site also provides fitness information, guides and work-out plans. The best part is that it is free. So, start tracking and exercising today! I promise you will not regret this kind of change!


By: Cassandra Gonzales




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