16th Annual California Women’s Championship

Photo Courtesy: North County Daily News

Today marks the first day for the 16th annual California Women’s Championship, being held at the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Resort in Temecula, California. The three-day tournament begins with a player reception and will end on Wednesday with the awards presentation. This annual tournament is traditionally designed to draw some of the finest women golfers in the state of California, with the eligibility index including the 100 lowest handicap indices, maximum USGA handicap index of 10.4, player must be a female amateur and California resident only. The format for the tournament continues to be its traditional 54 hole, individual stroke play and a one flight- play at scratch.

While we are anxiously awaiting the results, why not learn a little bit about the history of how this tournament came to be. As most seasoned and avid golfers know, there is a story behind every club, tournament and championship. According to the CWC, the California Women’s State Championship was first discussed at an annual USGA meeting in January of 1994. The idea was that the championship tournament would produce a genuine women’s champion hailing from the state of California.

In 1995 that idea began to take shape as five of the Women’s Golf Associations in California, including the Pacific Women’s Golf Association, San Diego Women’s Golf Association, Women’s Golf Association of Northern California, Women’s Public Links Golf Association and the Women’s Southern California Golf Association. With the help and contribution of the original five associations, the first championship was held at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California in July of 1996. Of the five orchestrating organizations, sponsorship for the tournament continues to be provided by four of the originating associations (PGWA, WGANC, SDCWGA, and WSCGA).

Since 1996, the format of the game has remained consistent since the very first tournament, with 54 holes of individual stroke play. The tournament has remained scheduled for July of each year so that players of high school and college age can participate, since there is not age requirement for the participant.

Winners of the CWC are not only titled as the State Champion in amateur stroke play, but they are also eligible as representatives for the State of California in the USGA Women’s State Team Championship.

Come Wednesday we will have a newly titled State Champion and representatives for the biennial USGA Women’s State Team Championship. Stay tuned…

By: Cassandra Gonzales


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