Conducting a Club Championship

The Club Championship is the most coveted of all awards. All members should be encouraged to participate in this important event and every effort should be made to assure that the best golfer of a club is the champion.

April is the traditional month set aside by the WSCGA for Club Championships. It’s not required that a club play its Championship at this “set aside” time; however, it is suggested that the tournament be completed and results reported to the WSCGA before September 1st of the current year so the information can be included in the WSCGA Directory.

To encourage all members to participate in the Club Championship, various methods of play (stroke or match) may be used. WSCGA does not recommend any method as best. Choose the one that fits your club’s needs.

WSCGA recommends that a Club Championship be decided by 72 holes of Stroke or Match Play played at scratch. The tournament may also consist of Stroke or Match Play with the Championship Flight played at scratch and all others at course handicap.

In Match Play, if the Championship Flight consists of the minimum eight players, it must include an 18-hole qualifying round for flighting and/or ladder position purposes. Also, the USGA recommends that a “bye” not be given in the Championship Flight. Flights should be equal in number depending on the number of entrants, if possible, and set-up according to course handicap. Players of like ability in the same flight should all play the course at the same time and under the same conditions.

WSCGA also suggests that clubs have in place a Tournament Committee of at least three people. That way there’s always a majority when taking a vote and any decision does not rest on the shoulders of one person.

It’s also recommended that the Tournament Committee provide Conditions of the Competition for each event which address any situation that could arise. USGA Rule of Golf 33-1 states that “the Committee must establish the Conditions under which a Competition is to be played.” If written Conditions of the Competition are not in place, the Committee is ultimately responsible for making decisions on any issue(s) which might arise.

The method for breaking ties should be published in advance of the tournament. Refer to the USGA publication “How to Conduct a Competition” for suggestions. A sudden death playoff in the Championship Flight could be held to determine the Champion and Runner-up. Clubs may choose other tie-breaking procedures for the remaining flights, such as the USGA Back Nine Method.

For information regarding prizes and awards refer to the WSCGA Blog “Never Cash!” January 15, 2009,

If you have any questions regarding Club Championships, please contact the Tournament Desk at 909-592-1281 x 204


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